Cliff House in India by Khosla Associates

Cliff House In India By Khosla Associates

Located in Chowara, a fishing village in Kerala, India, this remarkable contemporary house was completed by Sandeep Khosla and Amaresh Anand of Khosla Associates. It is called the Cliff House and it is se on a  high lot, some 200 feet above the Arabian Sea, at the edge of a cliff. Out of respect for the local community of fishermen, the owner chose to have the house built at a certain distance from the shore, thus giving people enough space to do their fishing in peace.

This is actually a vacation home, as the owner lives in London and only comes here to relax. The views are amazing and the weather quite hot, two details which led to the construction of a big outdoor pool, and some lovely meditation areas. The tropical weather also required large openings for every space, allowing intelligent permeability to the elements.

For the plush interiors, the owner was happy to make use of the local artisan’s experience, and the result was more than satisfying. Far from being a classic village home, the Chliff House is a remarkable vacation residence in virtually every way.

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