Your Guide to Tennis Court Installation: Planning Your Backyard Court

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Heather Jones
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Looking for something that will add value to your home? Give you something to do outdoors, offer a minimal upkeep situation? Wouldn’t it be nice to walk outside and have your own tennis court? No more having to book time at the club to play or worse, not get to play because the courts have all been booked. If you have kids, a tennis court can be a fantastic way to offer them an outdoor activity they can grow into and take with them into adulthood. Tennis courts are less upkeep than an in-ground pool and add nearly as much resale value to your home. 

What Is a Good Location for Tennis Court Installation?

First, it’s important to remember that tennis courts aren’t small. If you’re planning on making the full leap and building a regulation-sized doubles court, you’re looking at 60 feet by 120 feet just for the court alone. You also need to make sure and take into consideration the space around the court itself. You’ll need extra space to ensure proper drainage, or you could ruin the court you’ve just built or cause flooding somewhere else on your property. 

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You’ll also want to make room for additional features like lighting and fences to keep those pesky tennis balls out of the street or neighbors’ yards. 

You also don’t want to forget about landscaping to make everything look as high-class as it will feel. Well-done landscaping around a new feature can also help increase the resale value. 

A World of Rules

So, unless you live in the country, you’ll probably need to read your local building codes or regulations. You will want to ensure that you get proper building permits before starting. Working with a local tennis court installation company can help you with this process. They’ll likely be able to answer your questions and help you through this part of the process.

Homeowners associations must also be considered for those who live within their guidelines. Some HOAs are supportive of special editions that add value to a home. Still, others may have specific rules about the sizes or types of outdoor structures that can be built. 

Getting this out of the way means you won’t end up with fines and problems in the long run. 

Sometimes you need to get special approval for such a big project. 

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This Is a Professional Job

Installing a tennis court is a professional job all the way around. There are so many varied factors that go into it becoming a successful project. There is just no room for cutting corners. It’s best if you can work with a company that can be with you for each step of the project, from the initial groundwork all the way up to the landscaping and accessories. 

Working with one company rather than a multitude helps avoid errors that could make the project’s next step more difficult. 

Know Your Budget

Tennis courts aren’t the most expensive addition you can add to your home, but they are an investment. As with any investment, you should research and make sure you know your personal budget and discuss it as you make your plans. 

It’s not just the installation cost and basic materials that you’ll need to keep in mind. There are also net systems, lighting, backboards, seating, landscaping, and other fees. The average backyard court can run upwards of $25,000. 

Just remember that you’re investing in your home, not just for your enjoyment. If you ever decide to sell unique and luxurious additions like your home tennis court adds significant resale value. 

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What to Expect During Tennis Court Installation?

Installing a tennis court is like any other type of outdoor construction project. Just this one doesn’t have walls. 

Once you’ve got enough room and have cleared all the required rules and regulations, the next step is to have someone check your property for the slope and soil conditions. When working with a professional tennis court company, they’ll have someone on their staff who can check the soil and slope. If they don’t, they’ll have someone they work closely with regularly and trust. 

Some soils or slopes can make installing a tennis court more difficult. 

You’ll work closely with the designers and staff to ensure that your plans are all in order before any work begins.

You may need to do some excavation work before your construction gets underway. Typically, leveling and other preparation work is required. 

Surface Material

This is another reason to ensure you work only with the best in the business when putting in your new addition. The surface material is one of the most important decisions you can make. It will determine the longevity of the court, the amount of maintenance the court will require, and the type of play you have. Unless you are an expert in the tennis world, this decision should be discussed with those that really are. 

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Their experience will guide you through which materials are best for your location and the type of play you intend to do. 

Plan Ahead

This isn’t a small project; generally, a backyard court can take around two months from start to finish. So, if you have big summer plans, make sure you factor the construction time into those. When doing a construction project, you always want to make sure you give yourself extra time because you can always run into problems. The weather can do unexpected things. For example, heavy rain can slow down the groundwork. Cooler temperatures can make things take longer to cure. 

As you make your plans factor in those extra bits of time, so if they do come up, you’ll be okay, but if they don’t, you’ll just be pleasantly surprised.

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