6 Garden and Lawn Tips to Get Ready for Spring

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Your landscape may have had limited use over the winter, with perhaps only the area around your fire pit getting attention. Now that the days are starting (however slowly) to warm up, the focus can be on the softer side of your yard. It’s a chance for your natural landscape to shine—as long as the proper preparation is put into place, as early in the season as possible. Here are a few tips to help you get your lawn and garden ready for the sweet life-giving dawn of spring.


Start the Cleanup Process

Before you can begin preparing your lawn and garden for spring, you need to have it cleared of any leaves and debris that may have accumulated over the winter. If you neglect this step of clearing debris, it could become lodged in the lawn mower and stand in the way of lawn fertilizer being absorbed into the soil.

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Get on a Mowing Schedule

In early spring, allowing the grass to grow too long before mowing will stunt the growth of its roots. The first six weeks of spring may require more vigilant mowing every five days or so, to protect the roots and ensure a thick and lush lawn.

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Manage for Weeds

The cold winter months may have stunted the growth of weeds, but spring provides ample opportunity for these pests to infiltrate the lawn. A pre-emergent herbicide applied to your lawn in early spring will prevent the growth of crabgrass. Six to eight weeks later, a broadleaf weed killer should be added to the regimen and applied alongside the pre-emergent herbicide. Once crabgrass sets in, it can be a terror to eradicate—so it’s best to be proactive when aiming to prevent it.

Fertilize for Healthy Grass Growth

Winter may have left your lawn plagued by bare brown patches. It may be tempting to fill these areas with grass seed in the hope that your lawn will grow back; however, applying fertilizer is the better option. Herbicides, which are essential during this time, will prevent the growth of new seeds.

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Mulch for a Clean Appearance

Part of preparing your natural landscape for spring lies in neatening your beds, shrubs, and walkways. As the weather warms up, you will want to spend more time enjoying the sights and smells of your garden, so ensure that it is presentable and ready to be admired. Edge out your beds and replace the mulch within them with a heavy, high-quality variety. It can be laid over ground wood chips that have been dyed brown for a longer-lasting result.

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Trim Trees and Shrubs

The dawn of spring is the ideal time to give your shrubs and trees a makeover, eradicating the ill effects of winter. Use Fiskars tree pruners to remove dead limbs from trees, and prune shrubs to expose their most vibrant leaves and accentuate the healthy rounded silhouettes. Dead limbs can go unnoticed until you climb a ladder and perform a close-up inspection of your tree canopy. The Local Tree Experts can help you with that.

Left to their own devices, these dead limbs are likely to fall the ground and can potentially cause harm. Perform your tree trimming early on during spring, before most of the leaves on your deciduous varieties have sprouted so that you can better visualize the branches.

Trim Trees and Shrubs

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