Why You Should Take Advantage of Caravan Storage Services

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Many people agree that there’s no better way to enjoy a holiday than by staying in a caravan, which provides you with an affordable way to travel at your own leisure without having to pay for hotel rooms or depend on restaurants for food. Caravans may require a relatively large investment to purchase, but considering how much they can help you save, they can virtually pay for themselves in the long run. Moreover, you can fit many destinations into one trip when you have a caravan because it eliminates the need to rely on trains, buses and planes. You can travel when it suits you.


However, you should think about whether you want to keep your caravan at home or at a dedicated storage facility. Many people don’t have a garage that’s large enough to accommodate their caravan, and leaving it on the street or your driveway makes it vulnerable to thieves. If you decide to keep your caravan at a storage facility through the winter, you can secure peace of mind regarding its security and condition.

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Just some benefits of taking advantage of caravan storage include:

They’re affordable

You might assume you can’t afford to store your caravan at a dedicated facility, but you’d be surprised by how affordable they are. Many companies will keep your caravan safe and secure for up to nine months for as little as $900. Even if your caravan is insured, the excess you’ll need to spend to make a claim could be as high as that.

They’re secure

As mentioned above – if you leave your caravan on your driveway or the street, it may be targeted by criminals who either want to steal the vehicle itself or help themselves to its contents. Dedicated storage facilities go to great lengths to keep your caravan secure. They deter thieves in the first place using enhancements such as security staff and CCTV cameras, and they make their compound essentially impenetrable through the use of electrified fences, tall gates and sturdy locks. You can rest assured that your caravan will remain safe and secure if you choose a reputable storage company.

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Many storage companies offer a broad range of services

It’s often the case that storage companies offer much more than just a place for your caravan to reside when you’re not using it. The best companies also offer services such as routine maintenance, servicing, oil changing, repairs and much more. Store your caravan at a dedicated facility, and you’ll be leaving it with experts who know how to keep it in top condition as well as away from prying hands.

Many storage companies will be happy to retrieve your caravan from your location so that you can secure it during the winter months without having to lift a finger. Just make sure you find a company that guarantees to keep your caravan safe and for a fair price.

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