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The queen size bed is America’s favorite bed. Nearly 50% of the country sleeps on the bed at home, more than double the percentage of people who use king size beds. If your full bed or twin bed is becoming too small for you and your partner, the queen size bed is probably your next buy. But do you have enough information about it?

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Standard Queen Bed Dimensions

The standard queen size bed measures 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. It’s six inches wider than a full bed and 21 inches larger than a twin bed. Since most beds measure 75 inches long, the queen bed is 5 inches longer than your average bed. In fact, only the California king is longer than a queen bed at 84 inches in length.

If you are thinking about purchasing the bed for two adults, here is what you should know. A queen bed allows two people to sleep within 30 inches of width each. That’s enough space to sleep comfortably without pressing against each other at night.

Compared to the full/double bed, which measures 54 inches wide, a queen bed gives you and your partner three more inches of space. Compared to a twin bed, which measures 39 inches, you have nearly 10 extra inches of space.

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The queen bed still lags behind king beds in space and accommodation though. A standard king bed measures 76 inches wide, allowing two people to have 39 inches of space each. That’s like having two twin beds stacked next to each other.

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Olympic and California Queen Beds

Olympic queen beds are larger than standard queen beds by six inches. They measure 66 inches in width and 80 inches in length. The beds are half a foot wider than standard queen beds. By comparison, California queen beds are 60 inches wide but 84 inches long.

Most people find the standard queen bed ideal for their needs. A standard queen platform bed with storage, great design, and affordable pricing; that’s the best-selling kind of bed in the US. Olympic and California queen are also popular but not as much as standard beds.

When it comes to bed depth, all queen beds accommodate the same depth of mattresses. Anything measuring 9 inches to 16+ inches will fit on a queen bed. Lean mattresses could also fit on the bed but they may not offer the kind of coziness a 16-inch deep mattress provides.

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Bed Designs and Styles

Queen beds come in a wide array of styles. You can order a queen loft bed if you need extra space in your bedroom. You can get a queen sofa bed and ensure your guests always sleep comfortably when they come over. Queen bunk beds also exist although they are not as popular as loft beds.

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Depending on your budget, you can also get all kinds of quality beds. Simple bed frames feature a platform to place your mattress and nothing else. For these beds, you only need to part with $40-$100. A standard platform is made from high-quality, durable materials but will be a bit more expensive.

There are also beds themed after different styles. Asian themed beds feature a large panel with short wooden legs. They also rhyme smoothly on simple bedrooms. If you want Victorian style beds or modern beds with smart features, they also exist. However, the beds tend to be much more expensive.


Sheets, Blankets and Duvet Covers

Finding bed sheets and blankets that cover standard queen beds is easy. Finding sheets for Olympic beds can be difficult. Most manufacturers manufacture bedding materials with standard bed sizes in mind. Also, most sheets and blankets are designed to fit mattresses 15 inches deep or less.

If you buy an Olympic queen bed with an extra big mattress, ensure the bed and mattress sellers also have sheets for the specific beds. Alternatively, find sheets designed for an extra deep mattress online. They are expensive but fit larger beds and mattresses better.

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How to Choose the Right Queen Bed

Shop Around

You don’t need to dedicate a day from your busy schedule to shop queen beds throughout your city. With a good laptop or smartphone, you can compare and contrast bed styles and prices on multiple stores online.

Walmart, for instance, places its focus on affordability. Amazon and eBay sell all kinds of beds, ranging for simple beds to elegant, $2000 beds. If you are looking for unique designs, check Etsy. The website sells personalized, often hand-crafted beds.

Shopping online also helps you review beds based on ratings. If a bed looks stylish and has been reviewed multiple times for its quality and long durability, you will be more comfortable purchasing it. Reviews also help you avoid low-rated beds that probably break apart days after being purchased.

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Evaluate your Space Situation

A queen bed takes up a considerable amount of space in your bedroom. At 5-foot wide and 6.7 feet in length, you need a room with at least 10 x 10 feet to accommodate the bed. If you have more space, the better. Keep in mind that you buy either an Olympic or California queen, you need even more space. Again, you’ll probably need a lot of space to accommodate chairs, tables and lamp stands.

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Bed prices vary a lot. With a budget as little as $70, you can find a good bed online. But if you are after quality and style, prepare a budget of $150 or more. A standard, elegant bed with drawers costs between $160 and $300.

High-end, state of the art beds cost between $500 and $2000. Depending on your budget, you can get any kind of bed.

To Conclude

Queen size beds are the most common types of beds in the US. And for many reasons, they are the right kinds of beds for most couples. If you’ve been thinking about buying a queen bed, consider your space issues at home. Decide what style of a bed you want. Evaluate the different styles and designs you find online and their pricing. Most online beds are delivered free of charge. So, if you find a good bed online, make sure to buy it.

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