Sublime Mandeville Canyon Residence in California, USA

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Anne Francis
Anne Francis
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As an architect designing a home, we imagine that it can’t be easy to meet the personal requirements of a client couple when each of them has completely different needs, but this is exactly the skilled experts from Whipple Russell Architects did when they sketched out this gorgeous Mandeville Canyon residence.

To clarify, the owners of this exquisite abode needed an intricate mix of modern and romantic design elements in order to fully enjoy their respective living arrangements, and even though those two concepts might sound like they should cancel each other out, well they didn’t.  Located in Brentwood, California, USA, this incredible residence is an epitome of luxury and comfort featuring an incredible mix of modern and Mediterranean architectural elements.

The home flaunts clay colored walls that boast multiple portals for an endless flow of natural light as well as an incredible swimming pool that reaches the very edge of the house thus blurring the boundaries between the indoor and outdoor living areas. Moreover, the interiors feature an endless list of high-end conveniences and state-of-the-art appliances complemented by high quality furnishes that help support a laid-back, carefree lifestyle.

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