How to Decorate Your Christmas Table


The Christmas table must exude hospitality for the guests and impose certain elegance. Thus, to make a good impression to your loved ones you need to resort to inventiveness, originality and good taste.

Impeccability and elegance and a special décor are the three key ingredients for an extraordinary Christmas table.

The first aspect that you need to keep in mind is related to color. It is preferable that the table be arranged in the same manner as the rest of the house, and the color palette must not include more than three colors.

You can therefore dress the chairs with uni covers that you can decorate with ribbons of different color, the napkin and the plates will match the chairs and the tablecloth can gather the other colors or can be in a contrasting color. The adequate combinations are gold and silver, red and green; red and silver, blue and white or silver; dark red and dark green with bright white.

For the guests, you can put on each plate a small gift, consisting of arrangements of candy, cloves and pine cones or decorative figurines that should remind them of Christmas. The gifts can be placed inside a piece of red organza or veil, tied with a ribbon. Depending on the model of the tablecloth, you will choose the colors of the napkins.

Thus, if the tablecloth is flowered, the napkins will be simple, but if the tablecloth is simple, in one color, you will be able to play with the napkins by choosing some with a cheerful pattern.  Next, you can choose plates and square plateaus, overlapped, this motif being in trends, adding tableware that keeps the same square line. Place small baskets of bread in front of everyone, for extra elegance and decorate them by using ribbons that respect the approached palette.

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