9 Color Combinations for Your Home

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The growing confidence of people in personal styles makes almost any color to be suitable for the interior design. But, the color combination can be quite difficult given that there is the risk of creating an overwhelming space. Here are several models of design that could inspire you in choosing colors for your home.

Red and Orange

The combination of warm colors, very close to each other on the color wheel, such as red and orange is suitable for lavish interiors. These should be used with great care to avoid loading the space. It is recommended to combine these areas with some white or neutral surfaces to temper the overall image.

Yellow and Green

These two colors always manage to cheer up the space. The resulting environment is airy, playful and full of life. If you will opt for yellow and green for your walls, it is recommended to keep the image calm by choosing light-colored furniture in order to avoid an oppressive image.

Such interior designs are very suitable for young people or for anyone who wants a bright and refined interior.

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White and Blue

The combination of white and blue makes us think about the Scandinavian interiors. Such an interior design is suitable when you want a space with an increased brightness level. The large white and blue areas are unified through the prints that combine the two colors, such as the squares on the chairs and the decorative pillows.

White and Red

The combination of red and white is part of the latest trends in interior design.  To achieve a genuine contemporary interior design, the inclusion of metallic accents is absolutely necessary.

For such combinations, white must be the predominant nuance, because in such a case the result will be overwhelming. Red must be used only to accentuate in order to offer a touch of personality to the whole picture.

Green and White

For a peaceful image, light green combined with white can be extremely successful. Such interior is very suitable for people stressed and tired after long hours of work, making them dream about the sunny meadows.

Black and White

Black and white combinations are highly sought for interior designs in the spirit of modernism. Of course, black must be used only for some details and small pieces of furniture such as a coffee table.

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To avoid the monotony, the inclusion of some color accents is essential, thus obtaining a refined interior that is modern and enviable.

Orange and Black

A pretty bold color mix is the one between orange and black. In general such a combination is avoided because it is quite easy to obtain an oppressive area. But with little imagination you can get a room with a strong personality, of course if the space allows it.

Orange and Earth Colors

Orange offers spectacular images when mixed with earthy colors. This combination is appropriate for a living room or a bedroom, where relaxation is the main purpose.

Try to avoid this mix in the office, because in such a room the motivation and focus are essential.

Earth tones and Neutral tones

The overall picture is distinguished by a unique color range, thus creating a unified environment. By including decorative pillows and an intense colored bedspread, you can manage to revive the space, successfully avoiding monotony.


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