Window Care Tips: How to Properly Clean and Maintain Your Windows

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Windows are probably the most overlooked part of our homes when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. For some homeowners, cleaning windows can be difficult, but the long-term benefits outweigh the effort deployed in the cleaning process. Dirt build-up from pollution, general grime, bird droppings, or fingerprints can make an entire home look untidy. The grime affects the amount of light coming in, minimizes the windows’ performance, and slowly contributes to permanent damage. There are several ways you can keep your home windows looking clean and shiny. You can opt to clean your windows correctly, or employ a professional window cleaner. Here are some tips for cleaning your windows successfully to achieve a clean and functional look.

  1. Use the Right Tools

A build-up of dirt, pollen, dust, debris, and other elements can have a considerable impact on a windows’ functionality. With the right window washing equipment, your windows will look as good as new. To kick-start your cleaning job, you will need: A window scrubber, warm water, window cleaning soap (pro window cleaning soap simply works better!) a squeegee and rags. 

  1. Wash

Using a clean window scrubber and cleaning solution, scrub the window. Make sure to scrub the entire window thoroughly.  

  1. Squeegee

Squeegee the wet window. There are a variety of techniques that can be used here. But if you want to keep it simple, squeegee from top to bottom. Make one smooth and steady motion. Wipe the squeegee between trips down the glass. Position the squeegee back at the top, overlapping a little on the dry part of the glass. Repeat this until you reach the other edge of the window.

  1. Detail the edges

Using the window cleaning rag, wipe the edges of the glass. This will catch and remove any water that is trapped along the seals or edges of the frames. If you use a low lint towel like the blue huck towel, you will be sure to clean the edges without leaving any residue. ** When you use all the pro tools like the window cleaning solution in combination with the huck towel, you can even wipe away streaks or lines that you see on the glass without leaving a spot!

  1. Cleaning Window Tracks

Your windows need to open and close smoothly. Sometimes, a vacuum is used to remove the debris from the tracks. Pro products like the Track brush can help here as well. The track brush will allow for deep penetration into the groves for a thorough clean-up. When done, use a towel to wipe up any remaining dirt and debris. Getting the track clean will enable windows to open and close easily!

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What to Avoid When Cleaning Glass Windows

  1. When cleaning your windows, choose a cooler time during the day, preferably

during morning hours or late in the evening. Hot sun simply makes it more challenging to get a spot free shine.

  1. Use the pro solution, but be sure to mix it right! The better window cleaning solutions are concentrated. Putting more solution in your bucket does not mean it will clean better! Excess washing solution will make it hard to wash it away, leaving behind sticky streaks on the window glass. The right mixture is simply the right mixture.
  1. Regardless of how dirty your windows look before you start, try cleaning with the properly mixed pro solution first. Try to avoid harsh, power-based cleaners, and abrasive cleaners unless they are absolutely necessary. DO NOT grab a random abrasive pad that you find on your windows until you verify that it is safe for use on glass.
  2. Use extreme caution if you use metal scrappers to remove debris like tape and paint. If possible, use alternatives like Bio Clean for removing stubborn deposits without the concern of the metal blades. 
  3. Most windows are not designed to handle high pressure water as this can cause leaks, broken seals or even broken glass. Simply blasting with your pressure washer might become a disaster.
  4. Stick to cleaners that are designed for use on glass. There are a variety of chemicals on the market to solve challenges.  Be sure to use products that are designed for glass. 
  5. Don’t get frustrated! Years of dirt will take effort to remove from your windows. Be patient! Wash, squeegee and then repeat if necessary.
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Proper cleaning and maintenance of your windows can have numerous benefits in the long run. By effectively averting the excessive build-up of debris from acid-rain, grime, dirt, and other corrosive materials, you can prevent wear and tear that leads to permanent damage to your windows.

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