How to Decorate Your House by Using Objects You Already Have


Decorating the house has always been seen as an expensive and complicated activity, but the designers advise us to use other ways of doing it and to use the existing objects in the house for decorating purposes.

The least expensive, quick and easy way to decorate your home is by using items you already have. Most of them require careful cleaning and another exposure mode, while others require small changes. Decorating the house in this way makes you save some money but also to protect the environment by reusing many things from those you used to throw routinely.

All these can become ornamental objects if you place them on sight and you fill them with several dried plants, pine cones, shells, sand, candles or stones. All you have to do is to give them a new utility and emphasize them.

The old plates and trays made from brass, silver or even from a simple metal, can be used as a support for keys, letters, bills, pennies, if you place them in the hallway near the entrance of the house.

If you have an impressive collection of books, you can use them as decorative items. The books with old covers made from leather, grouped and placed on the coffee table can transform a corner of the room. A pile of books placed under a painting or an interesting picture can become another interesting accent.

The old bottles in different sizes and shapes can form an interesting collection of candle holders. If you insert a few dried leaves in a glass and then introduce the candle (which should be higher than the glass) you get an interesting an effecting arrangement. For a dramatic effect, align more bottles with candles in them.

When you don’t use them to go to the market or on a picnic, they can change their main utility. Use them to store your magazines collection, your cosmetics, and the remote controls or to maintain order on your desk. Let your imagination dictate and you will see that it’s very easy to reinvent home décor items.

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