Gorgeous North Shore Beachfront Residence in Paia, Hawaii

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A home that is worth $9.5 million could not possibly be anything short of spectacular, and this is exactly the case with this magnificent North Shore Beachfront residence that can be found in Paia, Hawaii. Due to its extremely convenient location, this gorgeous home acts as a perfect base for practicing water-related recreational activities, which is why it is perhaps one of the most sought-after abodes in the region.

Once inside, the lucky owners of this palatial abode are able to enjoy incredible living conditions as well as spectacular views of the ocean. Furthermore, impressive finishes such as bamboo floors and tall ceilings help shape an atmosphere of spaciousness and warmth, while a generous number of conveniences and facilities encourage a laid back, carefree lifestyle.

In terms of socialization and entertainment, the residence features a large outdoor living area as well as ample space for vehicles and water toys. Moreover, the nearby Maui Country Club is able to cater to the needs of golfing and tennis enthusiasts, while Paia Town awaits just a stone’s throw away with its shops, restaurants and art galleries.

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