Modern Penthouse Polanco In Mexico City, Mexico

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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Living in a big city does not necessarily mean that one cannot enjoy the wonders of nature. Penthouse Polanco is located within a densely urbanized area in Mexico City, Mexico, and it was designed by Gantous Arquitectos with luxury and tranquility in mind. Minimalistic, modern and welcoming, the abode sits at the upper floor of a contemporary building and provides exceptional panoramas of the city while benefiting from utmost privacy.

The interior design is characterized by white walls and ceilings complemented by brown wooden floors, while the main decorations comprise natural plants that thrive in a series of interior and exterior gardens. Natural light enters the apartment through large windows and sliding doors that fade the boundaries between the indoors and outdoors. Apart from its aesthetic values, the vegetation also takes on an active role in preserving privacy by blocking the neighbors’ views.

From the architect:

A penthouse showplace atop a building in an exclusive—but intensely urbanized—city district leverages brilliant urban panoramas while maintaining absolute privacy. Interior gardens cultivate nature, linking terraces and patios for unimpeded room-to-room transparency, and flood natural light into every corner.

Vegetation and residence layout arise organically while cleverly blocking neighbors and other urban encroachments; simple finishes—Navona travertine and rich wainscoting—provide the final, impeccable touch.

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