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There is nothing more satisfying than having a brand new queen murphy bed that you can just lie down to at the end of the day. Usually, a queen murphy bed will cost you at least $3,000 and this does not include the mattress that you want to pair the bed with yet. However, this space saver furniture should never have to drain all of your money. 

Do-It-Yourself Queen Murphy Bed and other Murphy Bed Projects

If you have the technical skills to do it, then you can use these 10 do-it-yourself ideas that will save you a huge chunk of money. Some of these projects are only going to require basic building materials that are readily available at any home centers near you, while there are also some that feature mechanical hardware or other types of materials that can also be purchased from these specialty retailers and can also be used in different ways in order to create fold-up beds.

DIY Tip #1 – Create your own queen murphy bed for small spaces

You can make your own queen murphy bed so that you can craft your room into a guest room at the same time. If you have the funds for it, you can use either hardwood, plywood, or MDF when you are going to construct this type of murphy bed design. When you decide to use plywood, you will be able to notice the enhancement of the bed’s strength and beauty when using a professional-grade material. 

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DIY Tip #2 – You can also try to create a murphy bed for less

The original design of a murphy bed is equipped with a spring or a piston lifting mechanism that assists in enabling the bed platform to swing up and down. The hardware that is being used will be taking the effort out of opening and closing, but this can be more than double the cost of having to make the bed. So, if you are somewhat willing to sacrifice a little convenience in order for you to save money, you may want to consider getting the Lori Wall bed kit. This is a kit that makes it easier for you to create a customized murphy bed that costs much less. 

The opening and closing mechanism of the Lori wall bed is mainly reliant on a person’s muscle power so to create a counterbalance of some weight of the bed. The bottom of the frame of the bed has rounded “rocker” edges that act as shelving whenever you are closing the bed. The building plans and the assembly fittings are already included in the Lori wall bed kit so it is already up to you to choose which type of bed orientation you prefer including the size of the bed you prefer.  

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DIY Tip #3 – Do an easy-to-build Murphy Bed 

Because we are only human, the DIY murphy bed that is designed by Steve at Woodworking for Mere Mortals can be the perfect choice for you. This type of murphy bed is designed for people who have limited budgets and have no building experience at the same time. 

DIY Tip #4 – Build your own modern farmhouse Murphy Bed

This type of queen Murphy bed is an office combo because this is a furniture system that includes bookcases and a desk aside from it being a bed cabinet. When this is closed, this will then resemble a storage wall so those who have no idea about it will never know that the wall conceals a mattress. 

The mechanism for this queen murphy bed is inspired by Rocker and the step-by-step instructions for building the cabinet and the shelving units can be downloaded, and you can then modify it in order to suit your space and needs. 

DIY Tip #5 – Build your own Murphy Bed Hack

This murphy bed is inspired by using pieces from IKEA’s PAX which is incorporated into DIY Murphy beds with a spring mechanism. When assembling this murphy bed, you can choose to have an all-in-one free-standing device that has the ability to support, lift, and lower the mattress and then conceal it by building a cabinet around it.

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DIY Tip #6 – Build a Hack-a-PAX Murphy Bed

This is another idea of a DIY Murphy bed that also used a PAX IKEA hack. You will be needing a lot of things when you decide to build a unit of a full-sized mattress including two PAX wardrobes and a couple of LURÖY slatted bed bases.

DIY Tip #7 – Build your own transforming sofa

This is another money-saving do-it-yourself idea that explains how you can build a Murphy bed for less. You can get the sofa and the ottoman from IKEA and you can purchase a murphy bed mattress frame that has a lifting mechanism that you can use to anchor to a wall or a floor. 

DIY Tip #8 – Build a basic DIY Bed using a Rockler hardware

You can build this project by using side mount deluxe hardware from Rockler in order to create a simple Murphy bed. Each of the kits contains instructions, however, if you find the instructions confusing, you can always watch videos in order to give you an overview of the steps. 

DIY Tip #9 – Build a murphy bed for your kid

Aside from making a queen murphy bed, you can also make one for your kid. You can even use some of the leftover parts in creating a small murphy bed that has built-in shelving.

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DIY Tip # 10 – Build a disappearing Murphy bed project 

There are various murphy beds that are equipped with pieces of furniture that you can use in order to bold the bed either to the wall or to the floor. There are a lot of videos over the internet that enables you to create a murphy bed that seemingly disappears like magic without having to spend on an expensive lifting mechanism. By using ordinary framing lumber, sheet of wafer board for the platform, some thin sheets of finish-grade plywood, and basic door hinges, you can successfully build this disappearing murphy bed project. 

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