A Guide to Build a Safe and Fun Backyard Playground to Surprise your Children 

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It’s no surprise that spending time outdoors can significantly benefit children. Several studies show that playing outside minimises stress, reduces the risk of obesity and improves the attention span in children.

However, parents find it hard to help their children achieve a quality outdoor playtime. It’s recommended to let children obtain 60 minutes or more of physical activity each day. Despite this fact, parents are still reluctant to let their children get physical activity outdoors due to safety concerns or a lack of accessible play areas. 

Installing a safe backyard playground is the best way to establish a supervised, secure and fun play area as an extension of your living space. If you are unsure how to create a backyard playground, seek professional assistance from experts such as Steel Chief Sheds who can design and customise a playground to surprise your children.

Although there are different playground products, it’s essential to choose a quality playground set that withstands the test of time and provides for utmost safety. Here are some important aspects to consider when building a versatile backyard playground:

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Choose an Appropriate Site in Your Backyard

The first thing to do when considering to build a fun playground for your children is to choose your site and make it ready. Ensure that the site you choose can accommodate the playset you have in mind. It should be a levelled and flat site. If not, it’s recommended to first work on the levelling and preparation before installing the playground. Moreover, be sure the area is steered clear off any obstacles such as tree limbs, power lines or roof overhangs.

Solid Post Construction

Backyard playsets such as monkey bars or action forts are made of different materials. It’s vital to choose the right base material that uses solid construction properties. This way, you can ensure to provide a stable foundation for the playground. Many companies might use untreated wood of different cuts prone to warping, crackling and vulnerable to fungus. Look for companies like Steel Chief Sheds that use solid beam construction for the playground posts such as timber, which is naturally durable. 

Sturdy Components

Apart from the wood used in the playset, pay attention to the metal used to connect the set and secure different pieces or components together. These essential components can be of galvanised metal like steel which resists corrosion. As a result, your playground will not deteriorate or weaken; it will stay sturdy with tight and secure connections for your children to engage in safely.

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Kid-Friendly Features

Valuable safety features are a must-have to minimise injuries and provide a hassle-free playtime. These features can include coated grips, textured ladders, ergonomic handrails and handles, sturdy swing chains, etc. All this will reduce the chances of little fingers slipping off, pinched fingers, splinters, sharp pieces and clothing from getting stuck.

Besides, it’s vital to have reinforced slides with a smooth finish devoid of rugged bolts or other harmful elements that cause potential injuries. Treated hardware-bolts that are resistant to rust will provide safety without any apprehensions.

Consider Protective Surface Material

After giving due consideration to the site and playsets, you need to place a shock-absorbing surface on the base and surrounding areas to create a cushion for the inevitable tumbles that may occur as your children play. Below are some mediums of protective surface to consider:

  • Sand or pea gravel
  • Wood mulch or chips
  • Rubber mats
  • Shredded rubber

Selecting Playground Sets with Fun and Safety Features

When selecting the right company to procure your backyard playset, it’s best to give precedence to safety and quality. Consider a provider with an expert team of local engineers, designers and products that have passed rigorous testing. Here are some additional pointers to help you make the right decision:

  • Consider your children’s growing needs and account for the right deck height, platform size, swing beam height, and slide length accordingly.
  • Incorporate Fun add-ons and accessories like tunnels, telescopes, periscopes, steering wheels or bridges.
  • Features such as safety steps and proper handrails are mandatory. 
  • Look for products that come with a warranty and designed with high-quality materials that ensure sturdiness and durability.
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Customise your Backyard Playground

Customising your ultimate backyard playground need not be daunting. The most challenging part is choosing the impressive playsets and components to incorporate. 

Once you have partnered with the right designers like Steel Chief Sheds who specialise in customising the correct playground and action forts, you are sure to create an engaging outdoor playtime for your little ones. Let your children rejoice in their own little space and let their imagination soar while developing physical skills, coordination, endurance and confidence.

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