Redecorating Your Bedroom for a Fresh and Relaxing Makeover

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Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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Occasionally, the bedroom can become boring and bereft of life. It happens. Maybe it’s been a few years since you last redecorated. Or perhaps you’ve changed homes. Maybe you’ve moved to a new city, and suddenly the old bedroom doesn’t seem inspiring anymore.

Anyway, you’ve decided that it’s time for redecorating your bedroom to reignite the magical connection you once had with your room. We’ve identified a few handy tips to get you started.

Begin by tidying up

Sometimes our homes begin to feel “choked up” and uninspiring merely because the space is disorganized or even filthy. One way to find out is to ask yourself when you last deep-cleaned and organized the space. If it’s been more than a year, you may have fallen out of love with the old décor.

A simple clean-up can freshen up the area and bring back the spark. So, consider setting aside a weekend to tidy up. First, remove all the items you don’t need/use and either dispose of them or store them away. Then clean up thoroughly, including under the bed and all the nooks and crannies, clean the bedding, and fold everything nicely. You’ll feel much better about the room.

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Freshen up with paint

If tidying up doesn’t change your perception of the room, consider freshening up with a new coat of paint. Color has a major impact on our psychology. It can make you feel more comfortable or even happier. The right color choice can also improve the sense of safety and exorcise the ghosts of depression.

So, which are the best colors for a bedroom makeover? It depends. Ideally, you want to paint the room in your favorite colors. However, feel free to experiment with different colors. For instance, bright colors, including intense oranges and yellows, bring a sense of energy to a room and boost mood. However, you can also try out bold reds and even purple for a different perspective.

Bring a new carpet/rug

Bedroom rugs play multiple roles. Although their main purpose is to keep your feet warm when stepping out of bed, they provide the opportunity to add color, texture, and even warmth to the room. In fact, you can even use the rug as the statement feature in your room.

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We recommend finding a large rug covering the entire bed space. Feel free to make it even bigger in bigger bedrooms. Only leave eight inches to a foot between the rug and the wall. More importantly, choose a rug that accents your bedroom.

new rug

Rethink your furniture

Bedroom furniture can make or break your bedroom. You can look forward to a warm and enchanting bedroom if you pick the right furniture. However, the wrong furniture can easily overpower the bedroom, leaving the space looking cluttered and unappealing.

So, rethink your furniture choices and organization. Do you need to remove some of the pieces? Do you need to change the layout? For instance, taking out that large wardrobe can instantly make the bedroom roomier and more habitable. Alternatively, swap out the lifeless furniture for new replacements.

Invest in bedroom storage

It’s almost impossible to keep your bedroom (or any room) organized without sufficient storage. Why? Because we buy and bring in new items all the time. For instance, what happens to old magazines after you read them? What about old towels and shoes? You’ll likely throw them around if you don’t have proper storage.

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You can easily fix this problem by adding extra storage in the bedroom. For example, install shelves along the bedroom perimeter to store books and magazines, add a cloth rack in the corner, and use crown moldings as shelf racks.

Fix the lighting

Redecorating your bedroom is sometimes as simple as swapping old lighting fixtures for new ones or altogether adopting a new lighting design. For instance, consider replacing the ceiling fixture with a bedside lamp. It makes an instant difference. Or you can consider floor lamps or recessed lighting.

However, if you want the best results, consider layering your lighting. This means investing in multiple lighting sources that work together harmoniously to create the perfect conditions in your bedroom. Don’t forget to bring in more natural light.

Remember the ceiling

Many people forget the ceiling when redecorating the bedroom. This can hurt the room’s appeal because the ceiling is the largest surface in any room. So, leaving it gaping in white paint can make the room feel pale and uninspiring.

A few ways to dress your ceiling include covering it in exciting wallpaper or repainting it in a popping color. You can also decorate your bedroom ceiling with moldings or add a ceiling medallion. Just don’t leave it white and boring.

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Redecorating your bedroom can improve your mood, boost sleep, and even aid your wellbeing. It also makes the space more enchanting and livable. So, you should always strive to freshen up the area every year at most. Fortunately, bedroom decoration isn’t too difficult.

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