Tricks to Make Your Bedroom Look Expensive

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Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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Having a bedroom which looks expensive doesn’t actually have to cost you the Earth and even if you are on something of a strict budget, there are some easy tips to employ which will give your bedroom a real look of luxury. There is much more than meets the eye when it comes to home design and once you are able to create the feel of expensive and luxurious design, you can achieve far more around the home. When it comes to the bedroom then, here are some top tips on making it look expensive. 

expensive bedroom

Heavenly Headboard

If you walk into a bed shop such as Billy’s Beds the thing that will always catch your eye the most is the headboard of a bed. In fact you could probably have a terribly designed and made bed base, with a poor and slim mattress on top, but if the headboard is rocking, that is the bed you are going to be looking at. This is an opportunity to make a large statement in the bedroom, which is why spending a little extra on a killer headboard makes sense if you are aiming for that expensive look.

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If you want to sleep better, remember that daily sunlight or artificial bright light can improve sleep quality and duration, especially if you have severe sleep issues or insomnia.

Heavenly Headboard

Layered Lighting

If you think about a luxury hotel room, they are always filled with multiple lighting options and this is something which you should also look to do in your room. Beyond the main light you should also look to add a tall standing lamp, and a couple of bedside lamps as well. The variety in the lighting brings out different moods and tones in the room. 

Layered Lighting

Large Mirrors

Mirrors not only help to amplify the space in the bedroom, giving the feeling of a larger room, they can also add a real sense of luxury to the place. Instead of investing in some overly expensive frames, opt instead fr frames which appear as though they were hand-made in the 16th Century, but in fact are just made of cheap materials and spray painted to give the distressed look. Large framed mirrors are a shortcut to making the room look pricy. 

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Chic Storage

The devil is very often in the details and some low cost tweaks in the room can really make the place look more lavish. For example a nice ivory-look tray at the bedside for wallet, phone and keys, or perhaps even some glass jars for storage of lotions and cotton balls. These additional touches scream luxury and they are very inexpensive to get your hands on. Not only will these items help to bring the sense of luxury to the room, they also help to reduce clutter and keep everything looking neat and clean, another characteristic of a room which has had some serous money spent on it. 

Chic storage

If you really want that expensive look to your bedroom then these are a couple of ideas which you can try out, which will instantly add ‘value’ to the space and give you the bedroom which you have always wanted. 

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