5 simple ways to summer proof your garden!

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With the summer coming up, it’s time for gardeners to roll up the sleeves and summer proof the garden. During the winter months, you probably paid little attention to the garden. It will take a little bit time, but the results will be mind-blowing. Is your garden already summer proof? Or do you want the much needed help from us? Here’s 5 simple ways to summer proof your garden!

Create your own tulip garden

Dutch tulips are simply amazing. Every year millions of tourists travel to the Netherlands to see this wonder of nature. A visit to the ‘Keukenhof’ can really blow your mind. However, it is not necessary to go to the Netherlands to see this beautiful flowers grow. It’s also possible to create your own tulip garden.

Dutch tulips are perfect to celebrate the spring and summer. The wonderful colors, the beauty: these are the ingredients you need to make the perfect summer garden. It will be a colorful summer in 2020!


When you are summer proofing the garden, the budget should be your main concern. Budget determines which steps you could take to make a stunningly beautiful garden. It even determines which plants you can buy. So start with making a budget. How much can you spend? Keep in mind that the costs may be higher than expected. Therefore always keep enough space within your budget.

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Hire a professional gardener

Unfortunately, not all of us were born with gardening talent. You don’t have to be ashamed to hire a professional gardener. Together you can come up with a beautiful design. You’ll also be informed how much this idea will cost you. This means you will not be faced with any unexpected surprises.

Do you have little time to maintain the garden yourself? A gardener can take over this task for you. Therefore, your only task is to enjoy your beautiful garden. It could be worse, right?

Planting and thinning

Spring and summer are excellent seasons for growing herbs and planting new vegetables. All that sunshine will have a positive effect on your plants. Just be aware that plants need some shelter when the heat is at its fiercest. Consider buying a light shade cloth to protect your plants.

Do you want to plant more seedlings? Or is it necessary to thin out your old herbs and vegetables? Than be aware that this should only be down when the sun is less heat and the plants are under much less stress. The early mornings or late afternoons are great for planting and thinning.

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Invest in a drip system

Many people opt for a sprinkler system to water their plants. However, a lot of water gets lost as a result. A drip system is the way to do it without blowing your water bill. It feeds water along your garden at ground level. Therefore drip watering systems are much more efficient than sprinkler systems. You use less water and your plants get better hydrated.


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