How To Reset My Air Conditioning Unit in Simple Step?

Reset Air Conditioning

Most appliances are getting smarter and often fixing them requires nothing more than a reset. This also applies to Air conditioning systems. Even an older model that has suddenly stopped working may be reset to start working again. So, how do you reset your air conditioner? Find out in this guide.

Need for Resetting an Air Conditioner

An air conditioner usually requires a reset when its protection circuit breaker gets activated. A power outage is a common situation when this circuit breaker gets triggered. There are many reasons why an AC could be blowing warm air when it is set at ‘cool’. A common reason is a thermostat error. Hard-resetting the unit may help fix the issue without the need for professional Air conditioning Repairs.

How to Reset Your AC?

It is recommended to follow these steps to reset your air conditioning system:

Power Your AC Down

  • Locate your AC’s circuit breaker panel
  • Flip the breaker
  • Switch off the power switch of your AC

Locate the Reset Button

A reset button is commonly found in most air conditioners. You can identify them by their red colour and they are relatively smaller. You can also locate it from the owner’s manual.

  • Hold the reset button for up to 5 seconds before releasing it
  • Flip all the switches to ON position. This includes the switch in the breaker panel.

This will complete the reset process.

Next, follow these steps to ‘restart’ your air conditioner:

  • Wait for 60 seconds before you switch on the breaker back to its ON position
  • Wait for another 30 minutes before you turn the thermostat ON. This will help the system to reset the internal circuit breaker.
  • After 30 minutes set the thermostat to ‘cool’

It is recommended to set the thermostat at a lower temperature than the current temperature of the room. It will be best to set it at least 5 degrees below. The AC should get started after a few seconds. Check the vents for signs of cold air flowing through the ductwork.

Seeking Professional Help

Resetting your AC unit is a relatively simple task. However, if you are uncertain about the job, it is best to seek the help of an experienced Air conditioning Sydney technician. Some units require you to access the condensing unit plan. This can sometimes interfere with the warranty. 

Sometimes, the circuit breaker can keep tripping time and again or the air conditioner may not work after a reset. If this happens, avoid resetting again. It is better to call in professional help instead of making repetitive attempts. An expert can help reset your air conditioner or conduct thorough troubleshooting to find the root cause of the problem. And they can do all this without affecting your unit’s warranty. 

Thus, a basic AC unit reset can be done by almost anyone. If you are not confident about handling the process yourself, it is best to call in an expert specialising in Air conditioning Repairs.

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