Master Suite Makeover: Transforming Your Sanctuary Into a Soothing, Stylish Haven

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Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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At times it feels like there is just too much going on in our life, and in the world around us. The constant onslaught of negative news and troubling global events can leave us disquieted, and wondering when the next shoe will drop. Each morning we wake up, and instead of gradually easing into the day that awaits, it’s far more likely we feel startled by the alarm clock that starts blaring as we sleep. Once our feet hit the ground, we feel like we are shot out of a cannon; right away we have to get the kids ready, grab a cup of coffee and hustle off to work.

There’s no mercy during the work day either, as we are confronted with a mountain of emails to return, overly long and frustrating project meetings and impossible deadlines on our other activities. We somehow make it through the rest of the afternoon, and then the cycle begins again. There’s a last minute stop for groceries, the family meal to prepare and we often have to help the kids with their homework too. With everything going on, day after long day, it’s no wonder we often find ourselves exhausted by the time it’s night. Our bodies and our minds are stressed and wrung out, and we truly need a sanctuary where we can rest, recharge and rejuvenate.

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Replace Your Old Mattress With a New, Luxurious Bed

The last thing we need at the end of a busy day is to come to bed and know ahead of time we are going to be tossing and turning all night. Old mattresses, especially ones that weren’t made to a high standard of manufacturing, often sag in spots and leave us searching for a comfortable sleeping position.

Instead of struggling to get to sleep, with a new mattress set it will be possible to drift into dreamland effortlessly. Top tier beds surround you in luxury, and you can choose the ideal firmness for your needs. You can find great quality mattresses online at sites like, and they’ll come with attractive pricing too.

Choose Bedding That Matches Your Sleep Style and the Season

For a truly restful sleep, it’s important to select bedding that is perfect for your preferred sleeping temperature. If you are too hot, or too cold, you will be uncomfortable and won’t drop into the deeper levels of REM sleep that you need.

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Ideally, you’ll have a quilt that suits your natural sleeping temperatures perfectly. You’ll also want to pay attention to the changing seasons, and modify your quilt sets so you have a lightweight comforter during the late spring and summer. During winter, you can opt for a quilt that has a higher density. Choosing the right fabric for your sheet sets is also important. For instance, in summer try sheets that are made from bamboo, a cotton percale weave or linen.

Pick Colours That Are Stylish and Serene

When you enter your bedroom at the end of the evening, you will want to be greeted by a colour palette that is soothing and serene. Neutral shades are a possibility, but blues and greens are even better choices that you might make.

Blue is a very soothing colour, perhaps because it evokes the calming memory of the sea and the gentle rhythm of the waves. Green is also a wonderful choice, and it’s healing in addition to being serene. It speaks of nature, and brings peaceful energy into the room.

Add to the Ambiance With Art and Designer Elements

With beautiful artwork, you can express your style and enhance the ambiance of your bedroom sanctuary too. You’ll want to select pieces that make you feel comforted, peaceful and content. You might consider highlighting the art with soft light, so each work of art becomes a place you can drift into, gently.

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It’s also nice to include designer spa elements in the transformation of your room. You’ll drift off to dreamland much easier if you use a quality aromatherapy diffuser to disperse sleep enhancing essential oils like bergamot, lavender and sandalwood. Some people also like to add sound to their retreat space; recordings of rhythmic, soft ocean waves are wonderful for sleep.

Upgrade Your Master Bath Suite With a Spa Soaking Tub

There’s no better way to clear the stress of the day away than to soak in warm, soothing waters in your new spa soaking tub. Your body will instantly relax as you are surrounded by the healing feeling of the water, and it’s even better when you add the perfect bath salts too.

You might want to consider a Japanese-style soaking tub. They are perfectly designed to induce pure, sweet bliss. They are narrower than most traditional bathtubs but are also deeper. When you sink into the warm, mineral and scent infused water, you’ll be able to sit comfortably upright with the water up to your neck. It’s the ultimate end of the day, relaxing spa-like experience.

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