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When you’re thinking about the terrace of a house, you probably visualize a room with big windows and many plants. The terraces are an essential outbuilding of a home, the place where you can relax yourself after a long day of work, drink your coffee in the morning or read a book.

During the cold season, a closed terrace offers more comfort and warmth, allowing the sun to penetrate the space.

The terrain by the pool, the terrace or the backyard gazebo, are the main areas you should take care of, the next couple of months.

The nice weather determines us to spend more time outside, so it’s necessary for us to organize this area of the house.

Here are some tips for decorating your terrace:

Choose the perfect furniture

The comfort and the functionality are the main criteria for choosing the adequate furniture for the summer. The armchairs, the cozy chairs and the furniture for the dining room, will help you arrange a space where all your guests and your family will want to stay.

Opt for the furniture that matches the style of your home and brings you relaxation. If you have a wooden terrace, then pick the light wood fixtures painted in warm colors. You might also consider some pillows for your chairs.

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Decorate with colorful flowers

To enliven the terrace, add the color, the freshness and the delicate aroma of the flowers. Place vases with fresh and colored flowers in various corners. Flowers like violets, daisies, begonias and gladiolus will brighten the terrace, especially in the cloudy days.

Choose silky curtains

When the summer days become hotter and the sun shines all day long, your terrace can turn into a real oven. The drapes will help you cool off the atmosphere and will give you more privacy.

Cool off the patio with fans

Install a powerful fan in one corner of your terrace and use it during the hot summer days. In this way, the air will circulate and you will enjoy more comfort.

More comfort provided by the use of carpets

 Several carpets from light, natural materials are very useful.  The most beautiful combinations are white and blue, orange and red.

Install a little fountain

For a plus of relaxation, place a little fountain on your terrace or even a vase with water, rocks, shells or colored balls. The water will neutralize the sun and will give you freshness and coolness.

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