Reasons Decorating with White Can Be Brilliant

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Anne Francis
Anne Francis
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Although a vivid color enchants the eye much more than a non-color like white, this apparently simple nuance has a special beauty and charm, especially regarding a home decor that can make your house look permanently calm, fresh, bright and clean.

If you can get past the fact that white is highly sensitive to dirt and stains and your lifestyle permits maintaining cleanliness in decent limits permanently, you can seriously consider arranging the house or at least one room in white.

The advantages of white rooms are multiple and if you don’t have small children or pets that create a lot of mess, white is the choice that will turn the whole house into a more pleasant place than you can imagine.

First, a great advantage of using white both for the walls and furniture, curtains, sofa covers or armchairs, is that, no matter how dark the house or room is, this non-color will provide lightness and will make it seem more spacious, white also offering the illusion of a vast and airy space.

If in your house white prevails, no matter how small or dark the room is, you will definitely afford a sturdy piece of furniture that is dark in color, without irreparably load the space, which, in normal colored and decorated houses is almost impossible. Also, because of the prevailing light color, you will easily highlight the furniture or the favorite decorative objects that have a different color, these immediately turning into elements that nicely complement the design.

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Last but not least, white, according to feng shui, is a color that signifies purity, innocence, faith and above all fairness to the person living in that space.


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