Small Balcony Design Ideas for your Luxurious Home

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Urvi Chheda
Urvi Chheda
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With all of us spending months inside our houses, the importance of a comforting private outdoor space has never been felt so deeply. Balcony Design Ideas add a sense of rejuvenation. Living in cities definitely diminishes your chances of having an enormous terrace or patio but that doesn’t mean you can’t give your beautiful cosy small balcony a makeover. Thus, a little mix of imagination, space design ideas from us, few supplies, and you are ready to dazzle your modest balcony.

Addition of basic furniture

The perfect morning tea deserves to be enjoyed on perfect small chairs and a coffee table. For a more functional approach, you can add foldable chairs or small stools that don’t eat up a lot of space.

Opt for multiple large floor pillows

If you are renting and don’t want to splurge, large colourful and comfortable floor pillows are a good option to add to your balcony. Also, a rug with interesting patterns can be used as a base.

Garden Balcony Design Ideas

Adding multiple plants may not seem like a great idea if you have a small balcony. However, you can add vertical shelves that can store plants or make use of the walls to hang small pots.

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Give yourself some privacy

Is your balcony right up against your neighbours? So, creating a natural wall with the help of tall plants like bamboo will give you privacy and the fresh air.

Lighting your Balcony Design Ideas

Adding lights to the walls lets you enjoy your private space in the evenings. Besides, a single chair with lights is perfect to enjoy your cocktails in solitary.

balcony design ideas

Add a spot to layback

Add a recliner or a daybed to enjoy your books in the winter soaking up the sun. Moreover, pillows will make it more comfortable.

balcony design ideas

Use the walls as Balcony Design Ideas 

Using the walls of your balcony by adding vertical plant holders and weather-resistant art will help it look like an extension of your house. Therefore, go ahead use these absolutely stunning balcony design ideas.

balcony design ideas

Install built-in furniture

Installing a built-in seating arrangement will relieve you of the stress of constantly worrying about your balcony furniture flying off or worse getting soaked in rainwater.

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