4 Tools You Need for Your First Garden

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Heather Jones
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Gardening is not easy, especially if you just stick to the basics. Everybody knows that you need things like a shovel and trowel to plant flowers correctly or a rake to move leaves. As a first-time gardener, you might not know about some of the less-common options, bestofmachinery can really help with your new outdoor space.

A Knife

Knives are surprisingly useful when it comes to gardening, and many people forget that they are actually a very versatile tool with a lot of different uses. While most of these uses involve cutting things, that does not make a knife any less important for garden work.

Not only can you cut down taller plants as needed, but a knife is perfect for transplanting different flowers, cutting out individual weeds, sowing bulbs, making small holes, cutting lawn sod, or even digging. Good knives are also fairly small and light, making them an ideal choice for a fully equipped gardener.

Moisture Meters

It can be hard to judge moisture on your lawn or garden, especially if you do not have much grass or your garden is partially a paved yard. Something like a sprinkler can also make it harder to tell, and some plants do not indicate health and hydration through leaf color until they are already dying.

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Being able to measure the moisture of your garden can help any homeowner tell how much water they need to apply or if they need to back off on watering for a while. In states with inconsistent weather, this can be incredibly valuable, especially if the rain happens overnight and you can’t tell how much fell.

A Weed Eater

A weed eater is a nice compromise between a precise cutting tool and a slicing machine. They rapidly spin some specialized strings to slice up anything beneath them, acting as a lighter and easier-to-replace version of the blades you see in most mower tools.

This makes them one of the more convenient options for dealing with all kinds of different plants, with weeds being the most obvious victim. However, they can also trim down the edges of spaces, cut down larger patches of grass, cut grass under hedges, and even slice up some thinner plants – all while being easier to use than a lawnmower or mower tractor.


Tarp is a very simple, versatile tool that you can use almost anywhere for countless different reasons. A single sheet can cover up mounds of dirt or cut plants that you need to move, act as a way to drag larger items around, work as a temporary ‘bag’ for dirt, or even protect your car while you transport new plants to your house.

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All-purpose tarp is an all-around useful thing to have, and there are very few gardens where it will not have some use. Keeping some on hand never hurts, and using the right kind of tarp can also give you a waterproof surface that can help you protect whatever’s underneath from even the harshest of rainstorms – as long as you pin it down first.

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