Creating a Kid-Friendly Backyard

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If you have kids, having a backyard can be so helpful! Giving them a safe place to spend time outdoors is great for their mental and physical health. It also helps keep parents’ sanity intact throughout the warmer months of the year. Creating a safe and fun environment is very important to creating a kid-friendly backyard. Here are some ideas to help you get started!

Playsets and Other Outdoor Toys

If you have the space, getting a playset or swingset can really enhance your kids’ outdoor fun. Having swings, slides, and climbing areas can help them exercise and play at the same time! Adding in a sandbox can help them be creative. Who knows, building moats, sand castles, and bridges out of sand might inspire a future engineer or architect! For added fun, consider getting a playhouse, a climbing dome, a water table, or maybe even some pedal cars. Having several options outside will help them be more creative and have fun year-round!

Outdoor Seating

The next thing you should consider getting is outdoor seating. Having a table with chairs means kids can enjoy lunch in their backyard. This is a great way to mix it up when kids get bored of their same old routine. You could also grab a few lounging chairs or even a patio set so you have a place to sit. Having a place where you can relax and watch your kiddos play is ideal for having a great backyard your kiddos (and you) can both enjoy!

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Protective Measures

Making sure your kids are kept safe in their own backyard is just as important as the entertainment. Here are a few things to consider when you’re kid-proofing your backyard.

Pool Safety

If you have a pool in your backyard, you need to be very careful if you also have kids running around. Whether your young kids can swim or not, safety measures are still important. Make sure an adult is always watching the kids in the backyard in case one gets hurt or accidentally falls into the pool. Also, consider getting a fence installed around your pool that has a child lock on it. You do not want your kids getting too close and falling in.

Window Wells

If you have a basement, you might have window wells. Making sure each window well is protected with a cover is also an important safety precaution. Kids can get seriously hurt and/or stuck in an uncovered window well. Work with a company to get a cover that fits your window wells perfectly to prevent any problems.

General Security

If you’re concerned about keeping your backyard especially safe, you can always put a combination lock on your gate so that uninvited guests will have a much harder time getting in.  A combination lock is especially good because you do not have to worry about losing keys, and you can give anyone the combination, as needed.

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Large Storage Shed

Let’s be honest, when you have kids, there will be outdoor and pool toys all over your yard. This can be extremely frustrating. Take away that frustration by grabbing one of these storage sheds from Keter. If you can, getting an organizational system in place within the shed will help your kids keep things cleaner. For example, have bins of spaces in the shed where their favorite outdoor toys can be put. Have a net full of pool toys on the wall. No matter how you decide to organize your items as long as it’s easy for the kids and you remind them, they will learn to put things away by themselves.

Smaller Storage Solutions

If you are looking for something smaller, consider getting a small storage shed that will fit right next to your home with ease. These sheds are great for storing bikes, bubbles, chalk, balls, and much more. If you want to store gardening equipment and outdoor cushions outside, that can be done too! 

If you would like to go even smaller than a storage shed, consider getting a storage bench or a deck box. The storage benches have the advantage of being seated while having hidden storage underneath! It is a great way to save space, and your kids will love the hidden aspect! If you would prefer a deck storage box, those can often double as seating if needed, as well. Deck boxes are large enough for toys and will keep items safe. They’re super easy for kids to use too. So, your kids can open and close it themselves without pinching their fingers!

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Having lighting installed around your backyard can mean you and your kids can get more use out of it. Most people go inside once it is dark, but if you have a well-lit backyard, you and your kiddos can enjoy playing and spending time in the yard as late as you need to. You can install landscaping lighting, lamp posts, or even string lights. All are great options to brighten up your outdoor space, even at night. If your kids decide they want to play flashlight tag, you can always turn the lights off. Your yard is not as flexible without the lighting options, though!

Pest Control

Having bugs, animals, and birds in your yard can’t be totally controlled. Since the outside is their home, they are in your yard for better or worse. However, by hiring a pest control company to get rid of any dangerous bugs or critters can be really worth the money! No one wants their kids to be stung or bitten by anything in the yard.

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Plant a Garden

There is no better way to teach children to appreciate nature than to help them plant a garden. Grab a raised garden bed or planter just for your kids to use. These both provide great places for children to learn and grow their very first garden!

No matter what you decide to put in your backyard, many children don’t need much. Just a place to play and run is often plenty!

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