5 Ways to Transform Your Garden This Lockdown

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Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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Your home should be your sanctuary, and more people are realising this during the third lockdown. With the pandemic forcing people to spend more time at home, it has become necessary to create beautiful and comfortable spaces to enjoy. A beautiful garden can be just what you need to take the bleakness out of this lockdown period. You can have a gorgeous space to venture into the outside, thus breaking the monotony of staying indoors. 

Creating that fantastic garden that you envision should is not too difficult! With a few ideas, you can transform your garden into whatever works for you. Besides prettying up the outdoors, these DIY tasks can keep you occupied during this time. For some tips on simple ways to improve your garden, we spoke to the team at BuildDeck. They said that ‘Even though the Winter months cold and a bit bleak, this is the very best time to start on your garden to have it looking it’s very best for the Spring months”.

Although not exhaustive by any means, the following ideas should get you started.

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 Clean Up

It might sound obvious, but tidying up can give life to your outdoor space. With all the things that people have to take care of in a day, it is easy to let gardens go. Then after a while, you find that weeds are everywhere and the shrubs are too tall. Cleaning up the garden is a good place to start. Besides leaving the area looking good, it gives you an idea of what needs improvement. So, take the time to remove weeds, rake leaves, and trim bushes. Get rid of the plants that you no longer want in the garden, if any. If you are planning to add new plants, then clear out the intended growing section. You can also take this time to see if your gardens require any shaping.

Add a Composite Deck

An eco-friendly deck can provide a cosy outdoor space where the family can spend time.
Composite decking is a fantastic alternative to wood decking. It's made from recycled
materials and requires no maintenance. You won't have to fret about warping, discolouration, or weathering. Therefore, you get a beautiful space without astronomical costs of ownership.

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You can learn how to install the decking yourself or get a professional such as the decking
team at BuildDeck. Then you can customise the composite deck however you please. A few
furniture pieces will allow you to set up a relaxing space where people can dine al fresco or
simply lazy about. You can have railings to separate the deck from the garden. Setting up a
few plants around the area will bring the garden closer without it being too much. An
overhead trellis can also provide shade.

Light It Up

A comfortable garden should be functional as well. Lighting can increase the functionality of a garden dramatically. With proper lighting, you can extend the use of your garden well into the night. People can walk around enjoying a lovely evening without worrying about stepping on plants accidentally. Lights are perfect for highlighting certain aspects of your garden.

If you have hanging baskets, you can complement them with fairy lights. Alternatively, you can entwine fairy lights with a rope and stretch it across your deck or patio. Rope lights are perfect for defining shapes. If your garden includes a water feature, lights can help make a striking statement. You can have different kinds of lights, such as mood lighting, LED bulbs and spotlights. Remember to pick lighting that matches the season.

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Plant Vegetables and Herbs

You can transform your garden with some new plants. If you are just getting into gardening, herbs are decent options, especially if you have limited gardening knowledge. A majority of herbs do well in warm weather, but you can easily find a few that handle the cold satisfactorily. Due to the minimal maintenance required, you won’t have to worry too much about your herbs. Besides having a nice looking outdoor area, you get fresh herbs for your kitchen. 

If space allows it, you can section off a part of the garden and plant vegetables. A long list of options is available when looking to fill your vegetable plot. Peas, lentils and beans are some popular picks. You can have a variety of plants while saving money.

Recycle Furniture and Other Items

Sprucing up your garden can be inexpensive if you can find stuff to recycle and upcycle. Old, unused furniture, for example, can change the look of your garden. You can repaint old furniture and set it up outside. Pallets work wonders when hung on the wall and used as planters. Old sinks and desks can serve the same purpose and help you maximise space. Recycling is particularly useful when dealing with a small garden. 

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You can recycle various containers like plastic bottles and use them as planters. Then you can hang the containers from the ceiling for that country aesthetic. Larger containers can work as compost bins. If you plant in containers, remember to account for the limited space, which can affect root development.

Whether you have a large garden or a small space, there is so much that you can do to create your dream outdoor space. Look up gardening ideas to find the most suitable solutions for your area.

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