The Eco-Friendly Sentosa House

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Anne Francis
Anne Francis
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The Sentosa House is an eco-friendly home that helps one to recover the money invested when it bought it. Located in Sentosa Island in Singapore, this special residence was designed by the architect Nicholas Burns who used his skills to create a functional and perfectly habitable home. The most important element is the core around which is placed the whole structure of the house, providing structure, vertical circulation, services and besides these contributes at maximizing all baths and kitchen efficiency.

Its unique design permits reconfiguration to future needs so in this case walls can be erected whenever is needed. There were used only the best and the finest materials, such as recycled golden teak, fair faced concrete, stone and steel. Details were attentively finished to create the impression of a precious, cozy and welcoming environment. All these and a beautiful landscape will help you find your inner happiness.

Photos by Patrick Bingham-Hall

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