How to Ensure Your Melbourne Home Gets Sold Quickly in the Current Market

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Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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Moving to a new place is exciting but first you have to get past the daunting task of selling your old home. You want to ensure your home doesn’t stay on the market for months on end without any buyers showing interest. To prevent that, you need to think of your potential buyers as customers. 

In the business world, you improve sales by knowing and catering to your customers’ needs. Use this approach and you’ll gauge how to impress them. You’ll also see small expenses like some paint, new carpets or outdoor blinds Melbourne residents love, are smart investments. And there’s a lot you can do that doesn’t even cost anything. We list the house selling tips the experts use. 

Always Start at the Front

When people go into a store, it’s often the shopfront that sparks their interest. It can also put them off if it’s boring or irrelevant to their needs. It’s the first impression someone has of an establishment, and that can determine how he or she feels about the company once they enter. It’s no different when someone looks at the front of your house.

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Curb appeal is a hot topic in real estate for a reason. A buyer should get excited the moment he or she drives up to the property. This requires some effort on your part:

  • Clearing away any clutter that could ruin the aesthetics of the first glimpse a buyer gets.
  • Tidying up the front garden to communicate order and prove you looked after the property. No one wants to buy a run-down house.
  • Sprucing up features that are noticeable when they arrive, such as the front door. A new coat of paint does wonders here. 

To sell a house, a buyer must be able to imagine themselves living on that property. A neat environment helps people envision their future and feel positive about it, because they won’t have to invest any effort in creating an appealing setting. You already did it for them. 

Space is a Selling Point

You may even consider doing some renovations before you put up the house for sale. Of course, you need the budget for this task but know that it could be the smartest thing to do in the long run. When you make the right upgrades and changes, you can push up your asking price, so you’ll get a return on your investment and increase the chances of a quick sale. 

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A smart renovation goal is to create a more spacious home. This is a priority for many homeowners, and you can achieve it in different ways:

  • Create more storage space by installing innovative cupboards under the stairs.
  • Break down walls—if they’re not supporting walls—to create an open plan kitchen and dining area. You create more floor space which buyers will appreciate. Also, you’re making changes they may have wanted themselves, but they’ll be more motivated to buy since they don’t have to do the alterations now. 
  • If you’re going to paint the house anyway, pick light colours that create the illusion of a more spacious room. Certain hues will also reflect light well, creating a bright, attractive environment. 

Optimise Outside Areas

Your outside areas should be as practical as the rooms inside. Your buyers may love sitting on a patio at the end of the day, which makes your alfresco area or patio an attractive feature.

Unfortunately, these spaces are only inviting if they’re cosy, so they’re often avoided during colder months. Help your buyers imagine themselves using the patio all year round by installing outdoor blinds. Once again, this nifty permanent feature will add value to the property, so you can add a little more to your listed price. 

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Once Inside, Talk to Their Senses

When someone is taking the tour through the house, don’t leave it to only their eyes to determine their choices. If you can captivate some other senses, they’ll feel more passionate about the house. The goal is to make them experience a comfortable, homely environment. Something like smelling freshly brewed coffee or a new batch of cookies just out of the oven could do the trick.

Just be careful not to overpower their senses. Some buyers are allergic to flowers, so rather use fragrant candles to add to the atmosphere. 

Remove Details of Your Life

The goal is to help them envision themselves in that space. That means many traces of you and your family need to disappear while the house is on show:

  • Some buyers won’t like the idea of dogs in the house they aim to buy, so rather take yours to a kennel or neighbour for the day. 
  • Take time to declutter so your rooms can be orderly. Also pack away as much as possible and clear countertops. 
  • Deep clean carpets and couches so pet odours don’t bother the visitors. 
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Final Thoughts

Your potential customers can drive by your home any day. How will you make sure to spark their curiosity, so they put in that offer you want? A smart home selling strategy is how you ensure the next chapter of your life can start even sooner than anticipated. 

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