How to Ensure the Comfort of Your Holiday Guests

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Luke Martin
Luke Martin
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Holiday traditions run strong. Whether you’re watching “Elf” or chowing down on stuffing and turkey, it’s the best time of year for a reason. However, if you’re the one hosting all of the festivities, it can be a lot of work.

Keeping everyone happy, comfortable, and fed is no small task. It requires ample planning, coordination, and forethought to ensure things run smoothly. If you’re this holiday season’s lucky host, check off this list to make your guests feel right at home.

Guarantee All Systems Are a Go

With snow boots on their feet and layers of winter clothing, guests can manage freezing temperatures outside for a while. But once they’ve reached your home, the rush of warmth that spills out upon opening the door is more than welcome. Pair that with a hot cup of cocoa, and it truly feels like the holidays.

Of course, if your furnace isn’t in good working order, this idyllic experience will fail to materialize. You and your guests will be left feeling nearly as cold inside as out. Avoid this holiday horror by having key mechanical systems serviced and appliances double-checked before visitors arrive.

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Part of being the holiday festivity headquarters involves having a well-functioning range, washing machine, dryer, heating unit, etc. So if the washer’s spin cycle has been acting up or your biggest stove burner doesn’t always ignite immediately, have them checked out now. You’ll save the headache of last-minute calls to repair companies — or worse. No one wants to see the turkey come out of the oven as pale as it went in.

Game-Plan Sleeping Arrangements

Long travel days through airports or spent on freeways can tire anyone out. When your guests get to your home, they’re naturally excited to see you. But sleep is a priority for them, too. So having sleeping arrangements settled in advance of their arrival is key for ensuring their comfort.

Once you know you’re hosting for the holidays, think about how your home can accommodate your loved ones. Then make up beds with clean linens and have enough towels readily available. If you live in a particularly cold environment, flannel sheets, extra blankets, and fluffy robes will up your home’s coziness quotient.

Having designated spaces for your guests gives them a place to unwind after a day of merry-making. Good rest can work wonders during those hectic holiday schedules. When all is said and done, you and your guests will be happier for it.

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Stock Up on Everyday Essentials

When you’re packing for a trip, there are a million things to remember. You’re booking flights, coordinating pet care, and running errands galore. It’s only natural that you may forget a thing or two in the process — like your toothbrush. When you’re staying at a hotel, it’s no problem. But when you’re with family, access to these items isn’t always as easy.

That’s why it’s a great call to have commonly used products on hand for your guests. Pick up additional toothbrushes, toothpaste, cotton swabs, and body products like deodorant. Anything you use daily can be included in a guest basket or drawer in a guest bathroom for your visiting loved ones.

That way, if they failed to bring something amid the craziness of holiday travel prep, you have them covered. The best part? These items are easy to acquire, and the gesture shows your guests what a thoughtful and generous host you are.

Declutter Your Space

Although you may wish your home was spotless all the time, that’s not how the vast majority of people live. With kids, pets, and busy schedules, stuff ends up piled in corners and on chairs more often than you’d like to admit. For everyday life, that’s perfectly fine. However, when you’re hosting, the clutter can detract from the holiday cheer.

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Take time to go through your home and consider items that are sitting out. Clear off countertops by storing away less frequently used small appliances like the blender and panini press. Wipe down surfaces to remove dust and replace knickknacks with seasonal decor for added festiveness.

Your guests won’t be inspecting your home to ensure everything is laboratory clean. But they will appreciate that you spent some time removing unnecessary items. After all, they’ll need a place to put their suitcases and holiday gifts!

Take Food Allergies and Preferences Into Account

Holiday cheer isn’t just going to a loved one’s home to hang out. It’s also about eating the delicious food that’s been prepared for family and holiday visitors alike. As a host, you want your guests to enjoy what you’ve made for them. So being aware of food allergies and preferences is vital.

Start by developing a menu of what you’d like to cook. Then check with your guests to see whether they have any allergies or dietary restrictions. Edit your proposed lineup as necessary, adding dishes tailored to the loved ones who will be in attendance.

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An optional step you can take to ensure food safety is creating labels for all items you include in your buffet. Note whether anything has dairy, gluten, or other common allergens. Using food allergen icons for various dishes can also help guests with special diets feel more comfortable. The point is to do the best you can to avoid any food-related mishaps while also providing plenty of options.

Happy Holidays

No matter what holidays you and your family celebrate, there’s a reason for the season. Bringing people together and having quality time to create memories makes all of the stress and time invested worth it. Then once your guests depart, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your well-earned leftovers.

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