The Concrete House: Elegance and Comfort

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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Situated in Madrid, Spain, the Concrete House was completed in 2006 by A-cero Studio. The 1,500-square-meter mansion has a special design defined by perfect volumes and clean lines.

Although many think that concrete is a cold and remote material, this all-grey house is a warm and welcoming residence. The façade has beautiful large windows, which allow the light flow into the house and offer magnificent views of the surroundings.

The house has two floors, each with its own purpose. The ground floor is divided into three areas: the familiar one (lounge, kitchen, dining and living room), the bedroom area (4 bedrooms, baths and dressing rooms) and the relaxation area which is connected to the porch and swimming pool. The ground floor includes a wine vault, a utility room and a gymnasium.

The interior design is modern, yet simple and comfortable. The dark wood floors contrast with the white walls, creating a feeling of luxury and elegance.

The porch and the pool are made of abujardado, a grey stone, which matches perfectly with the rest of the construction. A beautiful summer relaxation area covered with movable pergola is the perfect place for dining and having a drink while admiring the views offered by the surrounding area.

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