Serene Water Lily House In Singapore


The Water Lily House is a spacious, contemporary abode that was completed by a firm named Guz Architects in Singapore. What makes this residence special is the fact that it includes a central water court encircled by planted roof gardens. This is a home that blends seamlessly with its natural environment, and it offers superb living conditions as well as a generous amount of living space.

The Water Lily House also ensures utmost privacy despite the fact that some of its living areas are linked directly to the outdoors. Colorful décor elements, high quality furnishings and vibrant finishes contribute to an atmosphere of wellness and fine taste that’s hard to match. As far as the upper roof gardens are concerned, they are connected to the private bedrooms, which benefit from superb views of the courtyards.

From the Guz Architects:

This new house in Singapore has a central water court that forms the focal point of the house. The planted roof gardens surround this and add to the effect that nature is evident in every part of the house. Our main endeavor was to create a residence with seamless integration of the surrounding nature but at the same time providing privacy from neighbouring properties……water played a key role in achieving this had to play a key role in achieving that.”

The upper floor roof gardens connect the more private bedrooms with greenery and views down into the courtyards.

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