5 Simple Ways to Take Your Outdoor Space to the Next Level

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Do you dream of having an Instagram-worthy backyard? If so, then it is time to step up your outdoor space. Small tweaks or additions can go a long way to create that inviting and enjoyable environment you have always wanted. Not sure where to begin? These practical tips and tricks will help you transform any boring backyard into an entertainer’s paradise. 

1. Create a Living Space with a Patio or Deck

If you do not already have a deck or patio in place, now is the time to prioritize it. After all, it’s not easy to do any outdoor entertaining without a level space for your tables and chairs. Yes, having a deck or patio installed can be a large expenditure; however, if you choose the best deck builders, it will become an investment. When it comes to home improvements, adding this kind of space typically yields one of the largest returns on any project investment.

If you already have a deck or patio space, you might consider how you can spruce it up. Replacing what you currently have with natural stone can make all the difference. Stone is not only permanent, but it also doesn’t require the maintenance that a wood deck does. From there, adorn your outdoor living space with practical and stylish patio furniture like dining sets, lounge chairs, and perhaps even a mini bar cart for entertaining.

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2. Install an Eye-Catching Water Feature

The addition of a water feature, such as a fountain or a koi pond, can provide character and tranquility to your space. Few things are more relaxing than sitting out on your back deck after a long day, enjoying a cold beverage, and listening to rushing water’s lulling sounds. Not to mention, you can get very creative with water features by simply adding stone or pebbles around a pond or fountain.

If you do not have the space to add an eye-catching water feature, think of other ways to incorporate water in your backyard. Putting together your outdoor dream space doesn’t have to be outrageous; you just have to get a little creative.

3. Encourage Gathering with a Firepit or Fireplace

When the nights turn chilly, gathering around a fire with family and friends is a great way to spend some quality time outdoors. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, building your own simple firepit should be your go-to. You can pick up a DIY kit at your local home improvement store, and from there, all that’s left to do is dig out space in your yard for the pit and follow the instructions to build it. You could also consider something like the interlocking concrete wall system from Nicolock. Another option is to build the firepit out of concrete block and clad it with a product like ThinStone. Firepits are a great addition to your outdoor space because they’re relatively inexpensive but create an excellent outdoor entertainment opportunity.

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If you’d like to get a little more lavish, consider an outdoor fireplace instead. A natural, wood-burning fireplace can create a stunning ambiance on a cool night. Or, if your property has a nearby gas line accessible, an outdoor gas fireplace would be great, too. You can even make your outdoor fireplace a focal point of your yard using beautiful and durable natural stone. Similar to a firepit, there are pre-fabricated concrete kits available for anyone who’s looking to create something in a short period of time, while also saving money. However, fireplaces are much more than your typical brick and mortar fabrication. Traditional building stone, fieldstone, and even porcelain panels can be used to create a high-end look for your exterior space.

4. Don’t Overlook the Importance of Lighting

The right lighting in your outdoor space goes a long way, so be sure to put some thought into this. If you have a deck or patio with a retaining wall, consider adding built-in lighting along the deck rails or wall edges to create a lovely atmosphere and make walking around at night easier. 

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For a cozy feel, hang string or pendant lights around pergolas or other railings. These sources of mood lighting can help your space come alive when the sun goes down. Just be sure not to overlook brighter task lighting near work areas such as around barbecue grills and smokers.

5. Liven Things Up with Greenery

A little greenery can not only make your outdoor space more inviting, but it can also bring that natural element to mimic its surroundings. If you have a deck, you might consider hanging planters from the railings to display some bright flowers. Hanging baskets can also be an excellent option for your covered patio spaces. If you don’t have a green thumb, don’t worry. You can visit your local nursery for some recommendations on low-maintenance plants that will thrive in your outdoor space in all kinds of weather conditions.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money or make drastic changes to maximize your home’s outdoor living space. If you notice that you’re spending more than anticipated installing a deck or patio, remember that’s money that you can mostly recoup in added home value. In the meantime, you and your loved ones can enjoy spending time in your newly energized outdoor space for many years to come. Still don’t know where to start? Reach out to an expert for help.

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