6 Easy Ways To Incorporate Farmhouse Decor Into Any Room of Your Home

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Thanks to home improvement shows and growing nostalgia, farmhouse decor has become one of the most dominant styles in the industry. Whether you are new to farmhouse living or are simply looking for ways to spruce up your current farmhouse, there are a number of simple ways to adopt the popular decor style in every room of your home.

1. Use Natural Wood.

One of the easiest ways to transform any space into a farmhouse paradise is to incorporate as much natural material as possible, and nothing is more natural than organic wood. Its role is often to reinforce the structural integrity of the home; many farmhouses have exposed wooden beams and poles that are just as visually striking as they are structurally effective.

Farmhouse kitchen decor relies heavily on wood. A wooden block makes for an excellent kitchen island or table, and it’s not unusual for chairs or cabinets to match. Wood is by no means reserved for the kitchen, however. Natural wood makes for a stunning headboard, and wooden logs make your hearth pop.

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For a more authentic farmhouse look, incorporate distressed wood wherever possible. This does not have to be limited to furniture, as distressed wooden signs are staples throughout any farmhouse.

2. Incorporate Metals.

Another way to use materials to your advantage is to rely on metals in your decor. An iron headboard makes for a striking centerpiece to your bedroom and is usually more affordable than its wooden relative. You can also incorporate metal via light fixtures or chandeliers, as well as via furniture. Metal chairs pair well with wooden tables.

If you aren’t looking to make any major changes, you can also use metals on a smaller scale. As with wood, it’s easy to find or create metal signs with which you can decorate your farmhouse. Metal baskets, such as those used for sorting and organizing mail, infuse a farmhouse feel into any room of the house. They are inexpensive and easy to hang, and they offer another way to layer both form and functionality.

3. Collect Antiques.

Nothing makes a decorative statement quite like a collection of antiques. Whether you choose to collect something practical or something that enhances nothing but decor, an array of knick knacks can make your farmhouse feel more like home.

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Get creative with how you style and display your collection. As farmhouse decor takes a more maximalist approach to decorating, don’t be afraid to fill your space with these items. You can display them on shelves along the walls, in glass cabinets, or in other decorative display cases.

4. Keep Colors Neutral.

Though there are rarely “rules” when it comes to decor, using neutral colors is perhaps the closest thing to one for those looking to achieve a farmhouse feel. Painting colorful walls and furniture a more muted color, such as cream or light grey, cools down the space and opens it up. It allows everything to blend together seamlessly instead of distracting from the materials that set farmhouse decor apart from similar styles.

5. Expose Industrial Elements.

Exposed brick, shiplap, and other industrial elements turn many people away from otherwise perfect homes. To those wanting a farmhouse look, however, it’s a built-in way to add enhancing textures and layers.

The key to working with exposed elements is to keep the color scheme consistent. In an industrial-style home, you will often find exposed brick or pipes that have retained their natural colors. In a farmhouse, on the other hand, these elements are usually painted a neutral color to ensure that they blend in yet leave behind an organic impression.

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6. Mix Textures and Patterns.

There are several patterns, such as gingham and plaid, that are staples to farmhouse decorating. Play around with patterns to see which ones work best together and which ones work best with your existing decor. Textures pop when they are layered on top of one another, so don’t forget to toss throw pillows and blankets onto your couches, benches, and beds.

Regardless of your budget or goals, incorporating farmhouse decor into your home is easier than you think. With just a few minor changes, you can transform every corner of your home into the farmhouse of your dreams.

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