7 Untold Things About Roofing Restoration

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A human-like any other animal, needs food, water, and a roof to survive. Here in this article, we will be talking about the roof, which is the most important fragment of a house as it protects you and your home from direct sunlight, rainfall, snow, and thunderstorms.

So, to defend your roof from any of these climatic uncertainties, it is necessary to maintain your roof properly. The roof comprises of several different materials like composite, asphalt, wooden shingles, etc., and they decay at different rates and need a professional to look after them. Here, Benchmark Roofing and Restoration presents some facts that people generally don’t know about roofing restoration.

1. Roof’s Age

According to some estimates, the average age of a roof is 20 years though it also depends on the different materials used to make it. The age of materials is as follows:

  • Slate roof: 100+ years
  • Clay tile roof: 40 – 100 years
  • Wood shake shingle roof: 35 – 40 years
  • Standing seam metal roof: 30 – 50 years
  • Wood shingle roof: Approximately 25 years
  • Composite shingle roof: 15 years
  • Asphalt roll roof: 5 – 10 years
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2. Roof Inspection

Inspection of every house’s roof should take place every six months as there are places with varied climatic conditions throughout the year. People generally tend to ignore the damage caused to the roof by these variations, thereby increasing the cost of fixtures needed by the roof.

3. Clay Roofing

Experts say that a roof has a longevity of 30 – 40 years maximum, but if someone needs a roof that stays for a century or so, the person should opt for clay roofing as they last long. There are some clay roofs functional in today’s time, even after almost 100 years of use.

4. Metal Roofing

This one is for people living in places with harsh weather. For example in Indiana winters can be really cold, windy, and with hailstorms, so it would be really good to have a  roof that’s durable. If you are living there definitely check out Kgraberco, a metal roofing contractor in Kokomo, IN.

5. Green Roofing

Ever thought of a roof garden that can save some of the grocery bills and keep your place cool by 5 – 6°c. Suppose one wants fresh groceries and feels that freshness, they can always go for a roof-top garden taken care of by many experts near you.

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6. Thatched Roofing vs. Normal Roofing

People generally do not opt for thatched roofing, but they do not know that the thatched roof materials are very tightly bundled, and nothing can penetrate through them, and these are as effective as other roofing materials. Many experts with experience in roofing and restoration recommend thatched roofing solutions as they are economical and durable.

7. A leak on the roof

Water generally travels before it drips to maintain the surface tension. So, the actual leak might be away from the place where the water is dripping.

After knowing all these things about roofing and restoration, you can decide on your roofing solutions.

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