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A custom home, or also known as a custom build is a property that has been designed specifically to meet your requirements and is typically discussed with an architect beforehand. As opposed to predesigned properties which are built according to general specifications, these fit the style, size and design that you, as the owner or buyer of the property is looking for.

The houses that belong to custom builds are usually designed as a one-of-a-kind, and the builders would usually use the architectural designs that an architect has come up with, so you, as the client can choose the layout of the space. This online source can tell you more about this concept.

In many regions such as Spokane, the government is using this idea to solve housing shortages. This offers them the chance to build unique spaces that fit specific customers’ needs and lifestyles. 

These bespoke designed homes remove some of the typical frustrations that are related to self-building, these include things such as getting planning permission amongst others. 

How To Build A Custom Home

If the area you are seeking to move to, offers the concept of a custom build home, then you’re in luck. Some building companies offer ready-made package portfolios with different designs for these that you can choose from, and all are unique from one another. Serviced plots are usually available in suburbs and the countryside, and the idea will depend on this starting point.

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There are a few routes to take when considering this option, we look at a few below:

Custom Build Routes

this entails an available service plot or plots that the developer will approve. Services plots, according to the housing and Planning Act 2016: should have all the necessary fittings already on them. 

For instance items such as utilities including water lines, electricity poles and cables, gas lines, a telephone line, main sewerage and even high-speed broadband options. These are all included when you buy the plot on which to build your custom home.

Turn-Key Operations

this is when the property has already been built and all you need to do is acquire the keys for it, and move in. in other instances you are provided with a shall for the home onto which you can extend or re-style it according to your desires.


this is also another way to build one of these options and has become popular over recent years. With this option, it is a similar concept as a self-build created as a group of houses where developers and construction companies build a set of homes with the help of an architect. So you may have 5 homes of the same style and design on one property.

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Advice Spokane Custom

Example Scenario of a Custom Build Home

If you are living in the city and decide to move to the suburbs or the countryside, you would look for the appropriate type of land on which to build your house. The first thing to do is to consider your budget, and how much the design of the home will cost you. You could either hire an architect who is suited to this type of concept and he or she can design your home from concept to completion including everything you require.

They would put together the plan based on the number of bedrooms you want, whether you would like a garden or not, perhaps you want it to be 2 storeys high or have a large lounge, and such things. They will put all your ideas together and present you with the result. A bid advantage about this is you get to be involved throughout the process and can make any significant changes as you go along. 

Significant Benefits of A Custom Home

Unlike any other types of homes, these relieve you of the worry of gaining planning permission and buying land, because these are already there in a smart package waiting for you to choose from. As per our previous mention of land that has all the utilities, you do not need to think about all those nitty-gritty items. 

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This alone is the most significant benefit derived from this option. Secondly, you can easily get in touch with the choice of Spokane custom home builders who are skilled and experienced at this type of idea and have the knowledge to guide you throughout the process. They can offer you various designs and ideas to fit the idea in your mind, depending on your budget, the grade of customization you need and also how much time you have and the date you want the build to be completed. 

The only thing you need to decide is – would you like a turnkey property or a shell to play with? 

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