Contemporary Woobia Wooden Lamp by ABADOC


Designed by Polish design studio ABADOC, this chic wooden lamp is excellent for any modern interior, but it can also complement a more traditional space. It is called Woobia and it is made of alder wood with stainless steel hardware and an energy-efficient LED light bulb.

Inspiration for this piece came from a fun bow made by one of the studio’s designers for his kid. The original design was later chiseled and simplified to work as a large modern lamp. A set of wheels was then added to the base to ensure easy mobility.

The fact that ABADOC chose to work with multiple pieces of wood for one piece makes the lamp even more interesting. The studio neveravoids knots in its manufacturing process, because it believes that this is exactly what makes each individual piece of wood unique and beautiful. A touch of natural oil or varnish successfully completes the design.

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