Waiting for Santa: Decorate Your Windows for Christmas

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Christmas is the most anticipated celebration of the year, adored by both adults and children. And maybe more than the holiday itself is all the hustle and the preparations, because we enjoy shopping for gifts, making or buying decorations and choosing that perfect Christmas tree, while waiting for the most wonderful time of the year.

Share the joy of Christmas with everyone, decorating the windows of your home with elements specific to the season so everyone can see how good you’ve been and that you’re ready to meet Santa Claus. Decorator’s Warehouse can help you get ready for Christmas with their huge variety of products that can be bought online or in-store.

Here are some ideas on how you can decorate your windows while waiting for Santa:

Install garlands or light curtains

This is the fastest method of decorating your windows. Search for specially designed electrical installations in stores with the right size and easy installation systems.

Do you still remember how to make paper snowflakes?

How fun it was to make them and stick them on the windows when we were children. If you want a unique décor, make some paper snowflakes and hang them in your windows. Put your imagination to work and hang them from small to large, in line or place them in a circle.

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You can make a spectacular curtain using only some colorful ribbons and a couple of globes. This means, of course, that you have to take off your curtains for a while or simply keep them open. Hang a globe on one end of each ribbon and link the opposite end by the curtain rod. Repeat the process until you fill the curtain rod with multicolored ribbons. For an extra effect, make sure the ribbons have different lengths.

You can do the same thing using colored beads at the end of which you can attach globes. This time, you will wrap the strings of beads around the curtain rod, and then you will fix the globes by their hanging edges. It adds extra charm with the help of a few small bouquets of fir branches attached to the colored beads.

Because it’s winter and the Christmas tree is the most powerful symbol, decorate your windows with fir tree branches and cones. Make a fir tree garland and add a dry cone from place to place. Fix it on top of window. Its special appearance and smell of fir tree will delight your senses during the holidays.

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A simple tree branch, a glittering garland and some sweet gingerbread decorations. Here is how you can make a sweet Christmas decoration for your window. Wrap red or gold garland around the tree twig. Then hang from place to place gingerbread figurines (stars, Christmas trees, snowmen, etc.) and fix the twig in the window.

You can embellish the window from your bedroom by hanging a wreath made of fir tree branches on your curtain rod. In this way, you will bring the holiday spirit into the room you sleep.

Another decorative and beautiful idea is to create a holiday arrangement right on your window sill, in the kitchen or living room, where you spend time with your loved ones for the holidays. Create a Christmas decoration made of candles, garlands, angels, reindeer, lollipops, fir branches and globes. Put your imagination to work!

A simple decorating item can be obtained with the help of a few small pots inside which you can place fir cones painted with artificial snow spray so you can create the illusion of a fir tree in each vessel. Bind the pots with colored ribbons, as if you were preparing them to be offered as gifts and the décor is ready.

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What do you think about all these ideas? Are you willing to give them a try? Let us know by sharing your ideas with us in the comments section below.

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