How to Keep Your Lawn Green and Clean

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The beauty of the lawn depends only on the way it is cut. An untidy and unkempt lawn area will spoil the aspect of your garden, giving the feeling that the ground is full of weeds. Here are some tips that will help you mow the lawn correctly and aesthetically.

Essential Rules

In order to have a uniformly increased lawn in height and density, it is necessary to mow at an interval of 7-10 days.
It is best not to exceed the height of 10 cm of grass, because otherwise it will turn yellow at ground level.
The mowing height is adjusted from the wheels of the lawn mower. The ideal height is between 2.5 and 3.5 cm.
You must pay attention to the knife of the lawn mower, because it has to be sharp in order to cut the grass correctly.
It is not recommended for the grass to be trimmed when the soil is wet, because there will remain traces of the lawn mower’s wheels and the soil will have an uneven aspect.
After mowing, it is appropriate to irrigate the plants for moisturizing.

Take care of your lawn during the winter. Some of the best winter lawn care tips include making a boundary around your grass to ensure plows and drivers don’t run over its edges when it is covered in snow and to avoid using ice melting chemicals and salts near your yard. You’ll also want to pile your snow away from your grass because even though it enters a period of dormancy in the winter, melting agents are likely everywhere in your neighborhood and piled snow can easily cause harmful toxins to leak into your soil.

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The lawn mower

Depending on the surface, we must choose the proper mower. It can have a gasoline or an electric heat engine.
The gas lawn mower is recommended for large surfaces, over 800 square meters, because they are heavier and more difficult to handle in a small courtyard. It requires changing the engine oil after a certain period of operation, as follows: first oil change after 4 hours of operation, then of 25 in 25 hours. Also, cleaning the air filter will be done once or twice a year.

The electric lawn mowers are lightweight and easy to handle.  Most are equipped with a basket for collecting plant debris resulting from the mowing. This container can be made of plastic or canvas. The engine power is between 800 and 1500 W.

When purchasing an electric lawn mower, you should keep in mind that you need a power extension cord. You will need an extension cable long enough to cover the entire surface of the garden, with one outlet, which connects to the plug built into the handle on the mower.
There are also lawnmowers that run on Lead-acid or Li-Ion batteries, but these models have a big disadvantage, which consists in the fact that the batteries cannot be used more than 60-70 minutes, after which they need to be recharged.

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