How to Enjoy the Scandinavian Style at Home

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“Hygge” is a Danish word that perfectly defines the Scandinavian style centered on simplicity, elegance, and convenience. If we were to translate it, we would say that it creates a warm atmosphere, while allowing you to enjoy simple things next to your family and friends.

What does the Scandinavian Style Mean in Interior Design?

Keywords: bright, simple, intimate, and multifunctional.

The Scandinavian style reflects the needs of the houses in Norway, Sweden, and Finland. There are not very spacious but modern and always full of people. This style responds to the needs of those living inside: furniture according to the activities of the day, a chromatic that reconciles the tastes of the family members, and an ultra-valued space.

Scandinavian Style: Chromatic

White is the basic color of such an interior design, and most often white is used in contrast to black – a classic and immortal, elegant and simple combination. There are also added splashes of color, small accessories of decorative objects in bright colors that attract attention – pastel or metallic nuances.

In recent years, it has been noticed a chaotic chromatic trend: each family member can contribute to the home décor by adding a small piece of furniture in their favorite colors. The result? A harmony of the lack of uniformity.

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Beyond the neutral colors and the abundance of whites, the cozy covers, furs, soft fabrics, and the multitude of pillows invite you to make yourself comfortable while reading your favorite book and enjoying a cup of hot tea.

Working Materials

The Scandinavian style honors nature, so the materials used are most often recyclable and accessible to almost anyone: wood, textiles, plastic, paper, etc. In this way, the costs related to furniture and home accessories are considerably reduced.

The entire Scandinavian peninsula is covered with coniferous forests, so wood is the cheapest and most handy solution for construction and decoration. But wood still fulfils an essential condition: it means living sustainably from locally exploited resources.

Scandinavian Style: Design

It is Modern and intimate, very friendly to the needs of relaxation and comfort of its owners and guests. Its shapes are geometric, rectangular and circular, classic, but without looking outdated.

The design is youthful, fresh through the modularity and versatility solutions, and is inspired by the atmosphere of a complete family with emphasis on young married couples, and couples with many children.

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What makes this style easy to recognize is the ability to design furniture pieces from unexpected combinations: mirror with integrated drawer, armchair with footstool, table with drawers, etc.

Furniture Parts

The sofas are spacious without looking massive and feature simple, geometric shapes that make them easy to integrate into both the living and kitchen atmosphere, for example.

Children’s beds are bunked to accommodate the space, and adult beds have integrated storage boxes, and a simple design just to not visually load the room.

The chairs have a modern look, but they make you think about the vintage style because of their chromatic and the shape of the backs.

The tables are never simple – they come with integrated drawers, no matter if we are talking about dining or coffee tables.

The balcony furniture is very practical, most often collapsible.

Scandinavian Style: Decorations

This aspect is very important. The rule is: the more decorations, the better.

Another important rule is related to the fact that even the decorations must have a functional side. Therefore, for example, the shelves that cover an entire wall of the bedroom must be loaded with paintings or photo frames.

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A special emphasis is placed on the existence of the carpets. These must be as colorful, and fluffy as possible and also countless. They have the role of contributing to the intimate atmosphere of the home, a warm and welcoming nest.

The textile accessories such as the decorative pillows, duvets, and blankets are a must of a Scandinavian style decorated home.

The lighting fixtures can often be renewed with the help of cheap lampshades made from recycled materials, but personalized in colors and patterns.

Don’t Forget About Hygge

The Scandinavian style is based on simple and elegant forms, but simplicity is at the service of a fulfilled, peaceful life next to the family and friends.

For every Danish “hygge” probably has a different meaning, just as for every one of us, “comfortable” and “home” means something else. It can’t be reproduced, but it can be adapted and recreated for our own tranquility.

What do you think about the Scandinavian style? Would you embrace it? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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