Painting Your Wooden Garage: 4 Things You Need to Know

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Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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Painting a wooden garage can give your home’s exterior a new look. Moreover, it is one of the perfect ways to cover chipped or oxidized spaces that can ruin and degrade your property’s value. The question that arises is how to paint a wooden garage, and which paints are the best to use?

Well, the following are some essential things you need to know for painting wooden garages.

Necessary Preparations for Painting

Before painting your wooden garage, get all the essential supplies needed to get the garage ready. Mostly, old garages are full of dust, grime, cobwebs, dirt, or oxidized paint. So, take a sanding block and scrub the entire garage to make it look even space. Otherwise, the garage paint will look shoddy.

Then, check sides, hinges, and sand underneath. Also, lay down an old blanket or drop cloth to catch the excess paint. In addition, tape up the trim around windows and a door too.

Apply Primer to the Garage

Use a paintbrush to apply primer to the garage. You just have to paint the entire area with only a thin layer of colour that needs to go on. Use a primer that is enough to create a base for paint to allow it to stick on it. Thoroughly wash the brush out afterwards to use it for painting later. You can slip the priming process if you paint the space with the same colour paint.

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Select the Right Paint for a Garage

The paint you apply in your wooden garage is vital for the success of the home improvement process. For instance, you can apply high-quality exterior-grade latex primer. However, don’t try to spend extra money on lesser quality paints. Paint with good quality usually last for years, while poor quality paint fades early and needs additional coats.

Common Mistakes you Must Avoid When Painting a Wooden Garage

  •  Use of Wrong Paint

When you paint a garage with the wrong paint, it will give unpleasant results. So, begin with buying the perfect garage colour. Unique materials such as vinyl need a particular colour that will stick properly.

It would be best to use the paint type to protect the garage door from water. But matte paint is ideal for the exterior. Unfortunately, it also attracts a lot of colours. So, begin by choosing the right kind of paint.

  •  Using the Wrong Tools

Apart from using the right garage paint, use the right tools. Various tools are there to paint the garage, like a roller, spray gun, and paintbrush. Moreover, use the right tools for the perfect results. For example, use a roller on the flat surface to paint the garage fastly. On corners or other tight spaces, use a small paintbrush. Do not use a spray gun if you don’t know how to use it.

  • No Colour Testing

You will be making the biggest mistake by not testing the garage colour. Always test the paint to determine whether it suits the wooden garage or not. The simplest way to test colour is to try it on a patch of room. 

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Final Points

Apart from the methods listed below, you must check for rot for a long life by poking in various places. Or paint the garage that blends in well with the rest of the space.

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