10 Wonderful Christmas Table Decorations. Turn Your Dinner Table into A Christmas Fairytale

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Christmas is coming, and there isn’t much until all your loved ones will gather around the Christmas tree for presents and then take a seat at the Christmas table so they can be delighted by your culinary delights.

I don’t know about you but that sounds so exciting that I’m already counting the days.

So, it’s about time to invite the festive atmosphere inside your home by making your own Christmas decorations for the Christmas table. What do you say? Are you willing to start creating?

After the Christmas tree, the festive meal is certainly the star of the holiday. A nicely arranged table with tableware, accessories and specific decorative elements will complete the festive atmosphere, and the traditional family dinner will be a real treat.

With a little fantasy and skills, you can obtain a spectacular arrangement.

1. Here are some ideas and variants that will help you embellish your table and make an impression on your guests.First, opt for a color palette you want to focus on. You can decorate and arrange the table using the traditional red and green colors. You can also choose to cover it in white and silver, red and gold, green and purple, white and red, or even blue and silver, depending on your taste.

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Regardless of the chosen color palette, you must ensure that all decorative elements blend together nicely.

2. After determining the chromatic palette, set the style that you will be approaching for the table decoration. You can opt for an elegant design and then all items must express refinement and delicacy, but you can also go for a rustic décor. You can get it using small linen elements or even canvas, twigs and some cones. You can also use plaid tablecloths.

3. Use Christmas globes. You’ve definitely gathered many ornaments to decorated your tree over the years and there are plenty of them that you don’t use anymore. Pick some of them in matching table colors and put them in a glass bowl next to some fir branches. This simple arrangement can be placed in the middle of the table or in one of its ends.

4. Create a unique arrangement of dry branches and globes. For example, by using some dried, peeled, and white-painted branches, you can obtain a new arrangement. And as a support, you can use a glass vase.

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5. Special gingerbread decorations. Go to the Christmas fair and search for some snowmen and Christmas trees made from gingerbread and use them to decorate your festive dinner in a unique way. You can even make them yourself! Make sure each one of your guests has a treat wrapped in plastic with a red ribbon attached on their plates, so they can take their sweet little gift at home when they leave.

6. Find a unique way to fold napkins. A festive occasion asks for special accessories. The tablecloth and the napkins are among the most important decorative elements on a holiday table. To give them a touch of elegance, try to fold your napkins in an unusual way. A simple and effective option is to roll them and then tie them with a ribbon in tune with the décor of the table.

7. Don’t forget about the chairs. They are part of the picture as well. Decorate the back of your chairs with some nice, colored ribbons, bouquets of fir tree branches, and globes.

8. The fir cones can turn into the most beautiful and inexpensive Christmas decorations. Take a walk in the park, gather some fir cones and paint them with a silver or gold spray. After drying, place them is small glasses or bowls dressed in silver foil and put them on the table, among plates and glasses. You will have many miniature Christmas trees, which you can give as a reminder to your guests.

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9. If there will be kids joining your Christmas dinner, make sure you introduce some elements to attract them. Search the stores for multicolored lollipops and make decorative arrangements using them. You can bind the lollipops into colorful bobs at the top of which you will set a sparkling globe. Place such an arrangement next to each child’s plate, and you will bring joy to their faces.

10. Candles are another decorative element that will help you embellish your holiday table. You can even make your own special stands by using bowls, glasses, bowls, plates or even jars. The arrangement around the candles is important. Create a décor of fir, horseradish or cranberry, colored Christmas globes, ribbons or cones and put a big candle in the middle. This type of arrangement looks very good if it is placed right in the center of your Christmas table.

Hopefully, all these ideas presented here have lightened up your imagination. All that you have to do is to save yourself some time to do everything as you want and surprise your guests with your wonderful decorations. I wish you lots of inspiration!

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