24 Indoor Pools That Will Take Your Breath Away

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It’s true that most modern homes feature indoor swimming pools, and it’s also true that some of them are absolutely breathtaking. The very concept of having a swimming pool inside your house is luxurious enough, but having one that flaunts a truly original design or theme is definitely preferable. Below you will find a list containing 24 of the world’s most extraordinary swimming pools, some of which impress through sheer size while others feature elegant, tropical or romantic themes. Just browse through the following image gallery and get ready to be impressed!

1. This outstanding, tropical indoor swimming pool is located in Cincinnati, Ohio and flaunts palm trees, rocks and beautiful artificial illumination. It is flanked by a lounging area and was created by Shehan Pools, one of the most appreciated swimming pool builders in America.

2. Sketched out by Estee Stanley Design, this swimming pool exudes a romantic and tranquil atmosphere. It incorporates a small bar and is adorned with greenish mosaic tiles. It was designed by Estee Stanley Design and is located in Mexico.

3. South Shore Millwork sketched out this wonderful indoor pool from Boston, Massachusetts. The pool is the centerpiece of a large room and boasts a simple rectangular design. The poolroom has comfortable armchairs as well as three beautiful chandeliers that were placed directly above the body of water.

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4. Photographed by Paul Kohlman, this large swimming pool is located in the United States and features a rectangular design as well impressive illumination.

5. Experts from Purple Cherry Architects designed this wonderful swimming pool in Baltimore, Maryland. It isn’t the biggest pool in the world and it does not feature the most extravagant adornments. Its room, however, boasts a wooden construction as well as tiki decorations that contribute to a rustic ambiance.

6. Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, this pool impresses with an elongated rectangular design complemented by colorful decorations. It was sketched out by Deep River Partners.

7. This Sculptured Earth, Corp.-signed swimming pool is located in Boston, Massachusetts and comes with a rather traditional design. The modern roof of the poolroom is definitely the centerpiece here, as it comes with a generous number of skylights.

8. Signed by Jan Gleysteen Architects, this indoor pool features steps and mosaic tiles. It is complemented by a comfortable lounging area that includes a flat-screen TV, and it is located in Boston, Massachusetts.

9. Definitely one of the most impressive pools on the list is this masterpiece by Caviness Landscape Design. It is located in Oklahoma, United States, and it features a cave-inspired look as well as breathtaking blue and purple illumination.

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10. This generously sized and elegant pool is the work of Larry E. Boerder Architects, and it is located in Dallas Texas. The poolroom features blue chandeliers, blue armchairs and blue mosaic tiles complemented by blue and green details.

11. This breathtaking indoor pool was inspired in its design by a beautiful seashell. Its deep blue water reflects a stunning ceiling that flaunts a representation of birds against the backdrop of a bluish sky. Located in Chicago, Illinois, this indoor pool was created by Platinum Poolcare.

12. Those that are fortunate enough to call this indoor pool their own can enjoy a relaxing soak while admiring the sky through numerous skylights. The pool was sketched out by Travertine Warehouse and was built in Tampa, Florida.

13. This one was designed by Montana Creative Architecture + Design and was built by Whitefish, Montana. It resembles an infinity pool and offers spectacular panoramas of a distant lake and mountains.

14. Photographed by David Churchill, this indoor pool is a part of a modern home in the United Kingdom. It impresses with transparency and plenty of natural light.

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15. Minimalistic and elegant, this showpiece was created by Paul Nulty Lighting Design and is accessed via a spiraling staircase. It is located in London, England.

16. This masterpiece ensures fabulous views of the mountains due to its perfect positioning. Right above it, there is a beautiful purple ceiling that mimics the appearance of a starry sky. The pool was designed by Poss Architecture + Planning + Interior Design and is located in the USA.

17. This indoor pool was built in Detroit, Michigan by DesRosiers Architects. It flaunts beautiful illumination as well as a ceiling that takes on the appearance of a blue sky with white clouds.

18. This lavish pool was designed by Rocky Mountain Pools & Spas and is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Its main highlights include chandeliers, gorgeous deep blue mosaic tiles and a large waterslide.

19. Beautiful decorations, a few steps for easy access and a large rectangular design represent the highlights of this unique swimming pool. It was created by Archer & Buchanan Architecture, Ltd and is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

20. This one comes with a waterfall feature and with an infinity pool-inspired look. It is the work of DesRosiers Architects and can be found in Detroit, Michigan.

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21. Elegant and sophisticated, this indoor pool was sketched out by John Kraemer & Sons and is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Apart from the pool itself, the room’s highlight comes in the form of a beautiful ceiling that boasts deep blue and purple illumination.

22. Designed by Alka Pool, this spacious indoor pool flaunts a crisp white design complemented by deep blue detailing. It is flooded with natural light thanks to the ceiling’s transparency, and it even has a separate hot-tub area that can be used for relaxation. This one is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

23. This poolroom comes with skylights that provide ample natural lighting. The deck that surrounds the pool itself benefits from access to the outdoors. The indoor pool was built in Detroit, Michigan courtesy of DesRosiers Architects.

24. Last but not least, this jewel in Case Lake, Minnesota stands ready to ensure outstanding relaxation opportunities in a tranquil and welcoming environment. This project represents the work of DesRosiers Architects.

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