“We Can Dream in Color” Apartment in Budapest

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Anne Francis
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Owned by a retired Belgian couple who often lives in Budapest, this lively apartment was designed by Margeza. The name of the project is “We can dream in color” and the reason for that is very obvious: brightly colored design elements make the entire home seem fresh and playful.

The colors stand out over an impeccable white backdrop that enhances the effect of light throughout the apartment. Light was a very important element for the owners, so new windows were placed inside to make sure the sun could reach all spaces. Because the couple believes in the importance of eco consciousness, all the lights in the house are energy conserving LEDs.

The two wanted a spacious living-dining area, an intimate bedroom-bathroom area, a study and a separate guest room. We especially love the handmade carpet around the bathtub which looks incredibly cozy in these pictures.

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