5 Tips for Buying High Quality Vintage and Used Furniture

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Buying used furniture is an incredible way to save money when you need to replace that couch or dining room table or if you’ve just moved and have a lot of empty space to fill. Not only does buying furniture second-hand help you save money, but it can also lead to some unique, vintage finds that will make your décor truly stand out.

Try these tips to save money while finding quality pieces. Furniture is a major expenditure, and the right piece should last you for years.

#1 Expand Your Options

Searching for furniture isn’t just a necessary task; it can also be a fun recreational activity if you love hunting for great furniture at even better prices.

When you expand your options, you’re more likely to find that hidden gem. Make the most of online marketplaces, second-hand stores, flea markets, and more.

#2 Fill a Real Need in Your Home

To make sure your adventures in thrifting are a success, start by cutting out those impulse purchases and focus on the things you actually need in your home.

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It can be tempting when you see a beautiful vintage piece of furniture for sale, but if you don’t know where to put it, you may be setting yourself up for disappointment.

Focus on pieces you have a need for, including furniture that’s damaged and needs to be replaced or rooms that are still missing that one perfect thing to bring it together.

When you’re searching online, you can search by keyword and focus on those pieces you know you need. You can also narrow your search further according to style or shape. For example, instead of just searching for a dining room table, you can get more specific and search for a round dining table set to filter out results.

#3 Learn DIY Repairs

DIY furniture repairs can be a deeply rewarding hobby to take up, and it will expand your options for second-hand furniture. You’ll be able to pick up just about anything and turn it into the furniture you’ve always wanted.

One of the most popular ways to restore used furniture is refinishing. You can take an old, dented piece of wood furniture and give it new life as a beautiful piece that you can proudly display. Refinishing involves:

  • Getting rid of white rings
  • Filling in dents and cracks
  • Replacing missing wood
  • Restoring the color
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#4 Scrutinize the Condition of Each Piece

If refinishing a piece of furniture is not part of your weekend plans, inspecting the condition of a piece of furniture should be a priority before you make a purchase. Make sure you have an opportunity to look over the piece before you commit to buying it. Check for dents, scratches, rips in upholstery, loose legs, etc.

Good furniture can last for decades when it’s well-maintained, so second-hand furniture can still last a long time if it’s in good shape when you get it.

#5 Look for Tags

If you want to know who originally made the furniture, check for tags when you give it a look over. If it’s a higher-end brand or someone known for creating well-made pieces, you’re in luck.

Even items from IKEA can work perfectly for your home, but checking the tag helps you know exactly what you’re getting and how it should be priced.

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