Tips For Creating A Luxury Home On A Tight Budget

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Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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Who said luxurious living much hit your pocket hard? Thoughtful consideration of your interior decor can transform your space into a homey, cozy, and elegant space. For instance, installing stainless steel legs on a table set can transform your furniture into sheer sophistication. Here are few ideas for achieving a luxurious home. 

Remove clutter

Luxurious homes have the least or no clutter at all. Clutter makes the house look untidy, crowded and disorderly. Getting rid of clutter costs nothing but creativity and time. Do the following to avoid unnecessary clutter in your space:

  • Remove any furniture piece not in use.
  • Keep all surfaces clear of unnecessary items. If you have to display any piece, place it carefully and place it artistically.
  • Conceal your television set- luxurious homes have other items such as artwork as the center of attraction.

Balance texture and colors 

Luxurious homes reduce bright colors on the house interior items. Instead, explore a mixture of different surface textures within a limited color scheme. You can also; 

  • Place beautifully textures throw pillows of complementing colors to the floor and seats. You can create harmony by mixing textures.
  • Add a chic throw pillow to your favorite seat.
  • Change your window treatment. Find budget-friendly motorized or automated blinds and shades. They look sophisticated and adds style to the home.
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Explore lighting options

You can plan to use a lot more to purchase light fixtures to enhance the style in the home. However, you can use any of the following budget-friendly options to decorate with light effects:

  • Use canister lights by placing them behind pot plants or any other focal point in the house. Place the light in a dark corner to light it up and give it prominence.
  • Enhance your wall switches with dimmers. Dimmers allow one to fine-tune the lighting functions in the house. Plug-in dimmers also work well with floor and table lamps.
  • Invest in a single statement light fixture. The effect will pay off. There are many light fixtures of varying sizes and details. Find one that suits you. 

Go big with artwork

Luxurious homes are elegant because they make a grand statement. You can choose a single piece of art instead of investing in many items. You can explore the power of art and nature in the following ways:

  • Hang an oversized piece of art to create a focal point.
  • Have many mini-sized art pieces on sidewalls
  • Frame a photograph or an expensive-looking textile.
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Add a statement seat or two

It may be expensive to purchase the update the entire furniture in the living room. However, you can invest in a statement chair or two. You may:

  • Invest in two occasional chairs for elegance and sophistication.
  • Occasional seats allow one to splurge on high-end fabrics, prints and tend to dominate your space.

You do not need to break a bank to achieve a luxurious look. Plan to splurge on a few high-end statement pieces, add creativity, and you’ll home will look exceptionally classic.

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