Luxury Hotel Revelations: How Do They Keep Their Linens White and Squeaky Clean?

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Nothing beats the comfort of lying and rolling over a white and squeaky clean hotel bed when traveling. How do they manage to have their linens look this white and smell fresh like roses? Admit it; the first thing you touch as you walk inside a hotel room is their sheets. 

Wouldn’t it be best if you have a bed as comfortable as those in the luxury hotel rooms? Ah, the comfort it gives after you get home from work. Even though you do not have staff at home to do all the laundry and care for your linens, you can still achieve the bedsheets’ cleanliness and freshness. Let’s unfold the secrets to having white and squeaky clean linens.

Hotels and Their White Sheets

Hotels purposely use white sheets for their beds is to easily determine whether there are stains or if the sheets are properly clean. You can easily tell that it’s clean than those sheets that have patterns or dark colors. 

Now, you want the comfort of their sheets and pillows in your bedroom. But, how do they make it? Well, luxurious hotels use commercial laundry service or in-house laundry service. If you have the budget, you can take that method instead. It’s hassle-free to have your laundry picked up and delivered right to your doorstep. 

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However, if you have the means to purchase or have a laundry and dryer machine, it’s best to run through some of these points to avoid staining or damaging your white linen and bedsheets.

“Ah, it’s probably bleach!”

You may probably think, “ah, it’s bleach they are using,” that’s why it’s this white. Well, you can use bleach and have the job done. However, it’s not the best option. 

Bleach contains harsh chemical ingredients that can damage the materials of your beddings and linens. Some hotels may use bleach to whiten their linens because they replace their linens often. They are not worried about whether it will damage their linens or not.

Hotels that laundry their linens in-house use this 3-step cleaning process:

  1. Wash the linens with laundry detergent first.
  2. Use fabric softener on second wash.
  3. Pour bleach on the third and final wash.

The cleaning process will whiten your linens. However, it’s not advisable if you do not have alternative linens to replace your current ones if they get damaged from the bleach cleaning process.

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Not on hot

Another approach to think over is using hot water. Washing towels and sheets should not be used with hot water. Hot water tends to inflict damage on the fabric materials quicker than cold water. 

If you wish to have your bedsheets and towels dried by dryer machines, use a lower dry setting. An intense dry setting will wear out the fabrics faster. Thus, it\s best to air dry or hang the linens on a clothesline. Let the sun and air dry them.

It’s best to eliminate the dryer method and use cold water in washing linens and towels to maintain the fabric’s quality.

Keep Them Fluffy

Let’s not skip this part– it’s the one that gives the most comfort. Linens and towels in hotel rooms are fluffy. Hotels have good quality towels and bedsheets because they use water and natural soap. They do not use a fabric softener. Experts say fabric softeners leave a thin layer of wax, damaging it in later periods.

So, how do hotels do it? Adding a cap of white vinegar to the rinse cycle of the load is the solution. The white vinegar eliminates the accumulated wax or soap suds that lingers on your bedsheet and towel. It will help the materials of bedsheets and towels bounce back.

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When you pull the bedsheets, towels, and linens from the washing machine, give it a shake, and it will start to fluff. 

Now, do you have the answer?

The luxurious white sheets in the hotel room are one of the attractive things for guests. It’s not only applicable to luxury hotels. Even if you are checking in a local bed and breakfast, if their white sheets are super clean, white, and fluffy, it will transform the customer experience.

Now, you know that it’s more than bleach to make your linens and bedsheets clean and fluffy. You need patience and the machine to recreate how hotels launder their sheets and linens. However, it’s not a problem if you have a laundry service near you. Laundry services are experts in the field. They know how to recreate the cleaning quality, and they have the right laundry essentials and machines.

White sheets can look yellow and dingy. You have to incorporate the instructions and tips to have whiter and cleaner sheets in your bedroom. Use gentler fabrics and eco-friendly essentials on your next load.

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