Designing and Building a Hotel That Caters to All Travellers

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Building a new hotel in 2019/2020 is a tricky business, with the amount of strong, existing chains that cater to a wide variety of travellers and dedicated independent hotels that have plenty of budget and resource to create something different to the norm. These days new hotels must be highly rated across multiple categories to even be a consideration for travellers to stay and start receiving the reviews that will encourage increased business. 

Designing and Building a Hotel That Caters to All Travellers

This includes being;

– In an easy to access location with plenty of on-site car parking or close to local travel routes

– Able to cater to both business and leisure travellers in multiple ways

– Up to date with modern furnishings and facilities

– Nearby attractions and popular sight-seeing locations

While location is largely dependent on budget and availability and furnishings will be planned around the atmosphere you want to create, the ways in which your hotel can cater to different travellers are numerous. The added benefit of being in a fantastic location and near to popular sight-seeing opportunities and attractions is travellers looking to attend or visit these places will look to your business for easy accommodation. In addition to providing plenty of content to include on your hotel website to attract travellers. Including dedicated information pages on local things to do, such as Great Things to Do on a Derby Day Out and Best Shopping Locations Nearby. 

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If you are looking for inspiration for a new hotel build or are looking to stay in a hotel that you know caters to you, consider the following facilities and amenities;

Catering for Business Travellers

Business travellers are a unique breed, often seasoned travellers, those staying on business know exactly what they want from their hotel and have high expectations for the level of quality and hospitality they receive. To entice business travellers to stay in your hotel, you should be offering the following;

Dedicated Meeting Rooms

While space is always a premium, offering a dedicated meeting space that can cater to different group sizes is a must. You’ll want to consider carefully the most efficient way to use the space available as simply offering a large hall space won’t be suitable for small sit-down meetings, and a small meeting space won’t cater to larger exhibitions and events. Meeting spaces shouldn’t be hidden away in basements or rooms without the option of natural light and where possible should include ceiling to floor length windows alongside the option to create a blacked-out space, plenty of room to move around and nearby bathroom facilities. To further encourage meeting and exhibition space bookings, make sure you’ve got plenty to offer in your package rates, including unlimited refreshments such as tea and coffee and use of stationery including notepads, pens, projectors and Wi-Fi. 

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Business and Telephone Facilities

Today, it’s not uncommon for everyone to be carrying around a smartphone, tablet and laptop, however, it’s not common practice or practical to carry around a printer, your own modem and fax machine. Providing these facilities for business travellers to use, even if the majority won’t ever need use of them, is a sure-fire way to let businesspeople know you have them in mind.

Separate Business Facilities

If you are planning a hotel that will cater to both the leisure and business traveller, you want to ensure your business travellers are well-looked after and feel important as a customer of your business. Consider adding an additional check in or breakfast counter than allows business travellers a speedy check-in, check-out and to get lunch on the go if they are in and out for work purposes.  

Catering to Leisure Travellers

Leisure travellers are normally more easy going; couples celebrating time away together and families getting a much-needed break from the normal school and work grind. While they will want their holiday or break away to be smooth sailing and enjoyable, they won’t pick over aspect of their stay like a business traveller. Make your hotel welcoming to leisure travellers by providing the following;

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Pool and Entertainment Facilities

Good hotels have spaces for a gym and fitness centre, occasionally they may offer a pool, however these are usually considered for the business traveller on the go who wants to look after themselves. Where space and resource are available, consider offering a space for business travellers and a space for leisure travellers that is more relaxed with activities for children to enjoy, such as waterslide or splash-zone. 

Designing and Building a Hotel That Caters to All Travellers

Unique Attractions

In your hotel plan, are you considering creating any unique, beautiful or unusual attractions? Examples seen in the past include a giant outdoor chessboard, built in giant aquariums and even robot staff! With a unique or unusual feature in your hotel, you are going to attract travellers who want to be able to say they’ve stayed here, and it also provides plenty of photograph opportunities that will be uploaded and shared across social media platforms and between friends. 

These are just a few methods in addition to an outstanding bed and breakfast experience you can offer to encourage guests to book in your hotel. Alongside high-class dining facilities, a choice of bedding and pillow options and staff that are respectful, compassionate and approachable. 

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