The best cast iron scrubber and why you need it

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Cast iron cookware is trending now more than ever before as the need for home cooking has increased in response to the 2020 pandemic. With the growing demand for hearty, home cooked meals, professional and amateur chefs alike are interested in cookware that makes cooking decadent meals easy and clean up fast. Here we discuss the best stainless-steel scrubber and why you need it to perfect your cooking craft. If you’re ready to cook and clean like a pro, read on. 

Some Tools Are Better Than Others

Whether you are an at-home cook or the top chef at a fancy restaurant, finding the right tools to clean and preserve your cookware is fundamental to cooking. Thankfully, there are more cleaning tools available to help you clean your cast iron cookware quickly and effectively than we can even count. Depending on how severely food is stuck onto your pots and pans, some tools will be more effective than others.

If the stuck-on food has some natural give, you can use pan scrapers and cleaning brushes to remove unwanted food quickly. There are, however, many occasions where food is so reluctant to leave that you need a more durable tool to clean off the food debris. In these cases, we suggest a stainless-steel chainmail scrubber.

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By using a quality chainmail cast iron scrubber, you are given the added grip you need to remove stubborn food without damaging your cast iron cookware in the process. The sturdy material creates greater friction as you scrub, allowing you to remove the stuck-on food much faster and easier. It takes no longer than a few moments to remove food debris using one of these trusty tools. 

Durable Cast Iron Scrubbers

Old-fashioned cast iron cookware requires a degree of maintenance in order to preserve the usability of the cookware over time. Maintenance is essential for cast iron cookware because of the need for increased seasoning capability as the cast iron is used over and over again. How you scrub and what you scrub with will influence how well you season your surfaces for ideal cooking outcomes in the future.

The seasoning process (when done correctly) leads to a smoother finish that makes greasing your surface and cooking your food easier to do. Unfortunately, many people use the wrong tools when food is really stuck onto pans, and this can lead to scratching, which interferes with the potential for seasoning to occur. Scratching your cookware digs into the surface, preventing the even finish you need to cook with your food leveled. To remove stuck-on food without scratching your cast-iron surfaces, a great tool to use is a chainmail cast iron scrubber. Chainmail scrubbers maintain their material design over time, unlike sponges and cloths, which deteriorate after every use.

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You will also avoid trapping any lint or dirt onto the pan’s edges or general surface because of the lack of fabric that is involved with chainmail scrubbers. Chainmail scrubbers were designed for ideal cast iron cleaning. Check out this option for an affordable cast iron scrubber that you can put in your dishwasher for any necessary cleaning without the fear of wear and tear. 

Easy Function and Easy Use

Some people prefer to attach their scrubbers to the ends of cleaning wands to get a better grip as they clean. The chainmail scrubber that we recommend above is functional enough to be attached to your cleaning wand for a much stronger scrubbing motion. In addition to this benefit, chainmail scrubbers like the Doll and Dapper scrubber also give you the ability to clean your pan without using any soap.

Simply run your pan or skillet under hot water and scrub until you have removed all of the remaining food. Sometimes, dish soap can interfere with the delicate seasoning process by coating the cast iron surface with harsh ingredients found in the soap. These ingredients can cause the surface of your cast iron cookware to deteriorate, reducing its natural texture and usability in the process. With a quality chainmail scrubber, you can avoid this common mistake and get on with your cooking like the amazing cook you are. 

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The next time you find yourself scrubbing away with the same old wimpy cleaning brush, remember that the Dapper and Doll chainmail scrubber is readily available to make your cleaning process a much faster and simpler ordeal. We urge you to put the same pride you place into your cooking, into caring for your cookware. With the right tools handy, your interest in becoming the next top chef can continue without the hindrance of never-ending cleaning. The best chefs need the best cleaning products, so do yourself a favor and pick up a stainless-steel scrubber. Your future perfect ham and cheese omelet will thank you. 

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