Things To Tackle To Prepare Your Home For Spring

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Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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Spring has finally sprung. After the crazy winter the nation had, chances are everyone is excited about the warm weather ahead. Although this is typically when you start traveling, spending time outdoors, and connecting with friends and family, the pandemic limits many of these activities. Ultimately, spending most of your time at home is still the safest solution. If you’re going to be in the house, why not make some changes? These home improvement projects are the perfect way to give your house an upgrade this spring.

Whole House Cleaning

Although you’ve likely maintained a cleaning schedule for your home, now is the time to consider the entire house. You’d be surprised to see how much you can accumulate that could harm your physical and mental well-being. There’s a lot you need to get under control, from the dirt and bacteria to the clutter and unused items. Start by removing things you don’t want or use anymore. You can discard, donate, or sell them based on your preference. Next, clean and sanitize every room from top to bottom. Finally, reorganize. 

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Structural And System Maintenance

The integrity and systems within your home take a beating throughout the winter. Take an assessment of your property to see what needs to be resolved. You should certainly have your plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems evaluated by a professional for routine maintenance and repairs. Don’t overlook the importance of your home’s exterior. Check everything from the roof and foundation to the windows and doors to see if something needs to be repaired or replaced. 


Did you know that colors evoke emotion? While dark and gloomy colors can cause you to feel down and depressed, vibrant and bold colors can lift your spirits. Changing the color scheme throughout your home can essentially help you cope during the pandemic. Since it’s spring, opt for something that will make you feel at peace, energetic, and happy. Crisp white, bright yellow, cool grey, and bold accent colors like turquoise, red, or orange are trendy choices to consider. If you can’t afford to paint every room in the house, start with the most frequently used rooms.

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Update Furniture

Furniture helps to add to the aesthetic appeal, comfort, and functionality of a living space. So, if your furniture is worn down, outdated, or no longer functional, it’s time for an upgrade. You can find a lot of different sales and trends in the spring to add personality and style to your house. Survey each room in your home to see where the biggest need is. Perhaps you need home office furniture like a desk and chair or a new couch and side tables for the living room. As you narrow down your options, don’t forget to consider comfort and function. 

Outdoor Living Space

Now that the weather is warmer, you’re going to want to spend more time outdoors. You can do so safely by working on an outdoor living space. Beyond mowing the lawn and planting flowers, develop a place where you and your family can have fun, relax, and take a break from being indoors. 

Consider activities you’d like to do this spring and summer. You want an area for lounging, barbecuing, and entertainment. Keep the kids occupied by investing in a playground, playhouse, or swimming pool. If you enjoy gardening, early spring is the best time to start planting seed and flowers. Invest in comfortable lawn furniture, plants, and other decorative accents that enhance the space. 

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The idea that you’ll be spending another spring close to home can be nerve-wracking. Although it’s still the safest until the pandemic subsides, it doesn’t have to feel like you’re in prison. Now that the weather has broken, it’s time to create a living space you can enjoy. Lift your spirits by enhancing your home’s cleanliness, structure, aesthetics, comfort,  and functionality. Once completed, you and your family can spend hours enjoying your time together this spring.

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