Why You Need To Get Your Dental Practice Design Right

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Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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The demand for dentists has been rising in recent years and this doesn’t look likely to change. The simple fact is that oral health is a serious concern in Australia and more dentists are needed to help combat the issues. 

But, even though dentists are in demand, that doesn’t mean you can just open your doors and expect to be flooded with patients. You need to get a specialist in dental fit-outs to help you design your dental practice. This will help to ensure it is successful because getting the dental practice design right is critical:


You want your patients to feel comfortable when they arrive at your practice. That means they should feel welcomed by the staff and have a comfortable waiting area. to achieve this you need well-trained staff and good quality seating.

But, that is simply offering physical comfort.

To really ensure the patient is comfortable you need to create a design that allows them to intuitively enter and approach the reception. This should be created in such a way that they have privacy, allowing them to talk about their needs. 

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Alongside this, they should naturally funnel to a waiting area. This zone would be designed to allow people to sit in small groups or individually without feeling like they have to engage with everyone else.

Of course, some people like to chat with strangers. But, many people have a fear of the dentist, they generally prefer to be left alone. This allows them to focus on dealing with their fear.

Getting the design right makes all your customers feel mentally comfortable, as well as physically.   


To help people feel comfortable and to make the place feel larger and not constricting it is important to design the practice with plenty of light. This will help your patients to feel positive and prepared for their visit. Dark and gloomy waiting areas don’t help the process for many people. 

Spacious also helps to ensure that your dental practice feels modern and this tells people that you are serious about the latest technology and offering the best possible dental care.

Easy Clean

It is essential to remember that many people will be passing through your dental practice and this means plenty of dirt and debris. Of course, you want your practice to look clean and shiny all the time. That’s why you need to factor cleanliness into the dental plan. 

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Your practice must be easy to keep clean to create the right impression and make your life easier.

The Bottom Line 

Getting the design right will impress your patients. But, this is only part of your success. You need to ensure that every patient is comfortable and gets the best possible service from start to finish; whether that’s something as simple as clear aligners or more involved like a root canal treatment. That will encourage them to tell others and help to make your well-designed practice a success.

First-class customer service and a well-designed practice go hand-in-hand, ensuring you have the best advertisement and quickly have more customers than you can handle! It’s worth taking your time to get the design right.

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