4 Ways Staying at Home is Actually the Greatest

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Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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No one is denying the obvious: too much of anything is too much. This was undeniably felt by the masses confined to our homes for the better part of 2020. Home is where the heart is, sure — but after a long stretch of months barely stepping outside, home can rapidly morph into something entirely different.

That being said, this imposed, extended at-home stay actually prompted an array of unexpected, positive outcomes. Creative types have been churning out content, self-care routines have been brought proudly into the light, putting off long-neglected hobbies and plans has become inexcusable, and the very nature of our homes and how we spend our time there has drastically adapted and evolved.

So once we’ve finished moaning and groaning about all the places we’d rather be, we sometimes have no choice but to settle into the idea and fully appreciate the space we call home, piece by piece.

Sleep Space Matters

Chances are good that in pre-Covid times, our comfortable spaces, while plenty cozy, hadn’t been closely examined in some time. Once we started spending significantly more time lounging in the comfort of home, those zones probably got a little overdue TLC.

New pillows, sleepwear, blankets, and more were likely to become incorporated into our relaxation regions. If this has yet to occur, try it and notice the difference. A cheap strand of twinkly lights or a pretty tapestry that calls to you may also serve to enhance the restful energy. Whatever suits your fancy, make it a priority sooner rather than later. We’ve recently realized the true importance of resting and rebooting.

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Healthier Habits in the Works

We’ve all heard and said the common excuses: “I’ll go on a diet when I have more time,” and so on. This can apply to any healthier habit we’ve been hoping to adopt. Exercising, meditating, creative outlets, you name it. These months in casa have provided all the time in the world to incorporate these “woulda coulda shoulda”s into our routines.

With fitness, many have turned to home gym equipment, while others take full advantage of the great outdoors, discovering new spots and activities to keep moving. What better way to get the last laugh on this twisted pandemic parade than by coming out of it in the best shape of your life?

Beyond physical wellness, now more than ever, we’re free to experience new hobbies, to reconnect with old or faraway friends, to take naps! Remember the phrase, “mental health day?” That’s miraculously becoming an essential part of our every day.

Whatever the self-care ritual you’ve been craving, these days of confinement have forced us into a place of self-reflection and opportunity. When the options are: be stagnant, or do something, the choice seems pretty clear.

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A Chance to Lean Into Relationships

Let’s face it: humans can get lazy in relationships. After a while, we tend to start taking our partners for granted, or avoiding tough topics. Well, thanks to good old coronavirus, there was no longer any avoiding any existing communication breaches or conflicts.

Suddenly, it was as though our closest bonds were placed under a microscope. Understandably, this probably came as something of a shock, and could have had an initial whiplash effect. Once the dust settled, however, it was high time to take a welcome closer look at those we hold so dear, and how we live with them most happily.

This chance to reconnect brought a lot of extra closeness to couples worldwide. Many even decided to start new business ventures and other productive collaborations.

For those who didn’t have the curse/blessing of being quarantined with their loved ones, the necessity of regular video calls and other means of staying in touch may also have served to strengthen the bond. Plus, reliance on digital communication can be useful when individual space is needed to breathe and self-regulate in times of conflict, before coming back to one another less upset — a privilege less easily afforded to those confined together.

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Overdue Home Projects and Plans, Finally Realized

Not only did stay-at-home orders lead to a surge in home improvements, adding monetary and personal value to our homes. This, too, allowed us to be more intentional about hosting social gatherings. And since being social suddenly meant being outside, many of our outdoor spaces were in for a facelift.

If the backyard’s been in disrepair, suddenly it will no longer suffice. Being prepared to host visitors in an airy, welcoming outdoor area quickly became more paramount than ever. Socially distant backyard gatherings, often equipped with fancy outdoor kitchens, or pop-up movie nights with portable home projectors, and more creative outdoor ideas began to spring up, helping us to remain connected, safe, and comfortable, as we ride this journey out together and continue making the best of it.

Don’t worry. If you’re reading these 4 perks of pandemic purgatory and noticing one or more of these high ticket items somehow managed to slip by, thankfully (and sigh!), there’s still time!

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